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Toya, Nini and their son embrace pregnant belly.
Toya and Nini welcome baby number 2!
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11 Black Lesbians Show off Their Beautiful Baby Bumps

Looks like baby fever is in the air as we found several photos of lovely black lesbian rocking that mommy glow and showing  off their baby bumps. Check out these beautiful baby mamas.

1. Tai & Paige

Tai kisses Paige's stomach.

Tai and Paige, who have been together for four years, successfully conceived this fall using IVF. Check out their Youtube Channel.

2. Shan & Kat


Shan and Kat wear all white while holding their baby bump.

Shan and Kat have been together 4 years. Their daughter is due in November 2017.

3. Robin Yvonne & Her Partner


Robin Yvonne's partner kisses her baby bump.

Robin Yvonne and her partner look forward to welcoming their daughter soon.

4. Avery and Ray from Our Normal Life Atlanta

Avery lifts baby Ace with babpy bump showing.

One half of the two mom team from Our Normal Life Atlanta Youtube couple. Ray, Avery and Ace recently welcomed baby Aspen.


5. Toya & Nini

Toya, Nini and their son embrace pregnant belly.

Toya and Nini embrace. They have successfully welcomed two babies through fertility treatments.


6. Kierra & Chrissy

Chrissy of the Youtube Channel, Chrissy's Creations, take time to kiss her wife, Kierra's stomach.

Chrissy of the Youtube Channel, Chrissy’s Creations, take time to kiss her wife, Kierra’s stomach.


7 Jonita & Tonyka McKinney

Tonyka kisses her wife Jonita's baby bump

Jonita and Tonyka McKinney are excited to welcome their fourth child. Check out their Facebook page–The McKinneys: Life, Love & Marriage.

8. Janetta & Her Partner

Photo collage of black lesbian maternity shoot

Janetta says, “”She is my ride or die, my backbone, and my everything. Now she is giving me the greatest gift. “

9. Frankie & Tiaa

Adorable pregnant couple kiss while sitting on the beach on a rug

Frankie and Tiaa


10. Domo & Chrissy

Domo, a masculine woman, shows off her baby bump

Domo and Chrissy, a popular couple on social media came under fire earlier this year when ignorant internet trolls claimed that Domo was too masculine to carry a child.

11. Unknown Couple

woman in red on her knees kissing partner's baby bump

Help us identify who this adorable couple is in the comments!


There’s nothing sweeter than welcoming a new bundle of joy into the world. Congratulations #Team2Moms!

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