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13 Cheap First Date Ideas That She Will Love

My sistas over at the Sipping on Ink Facebook community were recently challenged to plan a date for under $30. It was a tough one, but those ladies rose to the challenge like the bosses they are! Look y’all, don’t think you’re too good to go on a cheap date. Some of the most epic dates I’ve ever been on cost nothing. Besides, broke sistas or sistas that are saving for that wedding and a house, need a lil love too.

Check out these awesome, inexpensive dates that are all kinds of chill, romantic and inventive with plenty of getting to know you time. These ideas would be great for a first or second date or 50th date.

1 Nicole:

“Fall time, autumn. Throw blankets, container of hot chai, two mugs, bagels and snacks, her favorite book, my favorite book. We bookmark the most meaningful pages and read to one another. Discuss. Repeat.”

2 Lisa:  

“Here in Milwaukee, we’d meet at my place for drinks… ( 20 dolla bottle of some random wine….). N then we’d go on a walk thru the historic neighborhood i live in…. to this neat lil’ ice cream shop…. grab cones n go walk by the gorgeous lake ‘n chat some more.”

3 Bri:

“30 bucks? Shit ummmm flowers. Women like flowers $10 at fresh market. It’s fall so a ride to watch the leaves change. That’s $10 in gas and I’ll put together some cheese and meat plate from Trader Joe’s with $3 wine. Picnic in the park after our ride.”

4 Sipping On-Ink:

“Fall night. Set up a tent in my backyard, pillows and throws inside. A few outside so we can see the stars if wanted. A gift of a crystal or two, we can discuss the significance of. Conversation in the prone position, occasional touches, lots of laughter and deep sighs. Moments of silence. Water. Cheese. Crackers. Fruit. Moon brewed tea.”

5 Caren:

In the fall, Dallas Botanical Garden has Wednesdays nights after hours buy 1 ticket get the 2nd one FREE … I was thinking a dinner picnic at sunset! $5 tix homemade lobster rolls [lobster tails on sale for $4 need 2] some fruit, grapes [$2.39 a lb] sliced melon [$2] Homemade Sangria, Strawberry shortcake with extra whipped cream for dessert [Strawberries $4, Entemann cake $4, Cool Whip/Whipped cream $3]… And Pandora playing on my phone. I may have change left back.”

6 Melody:

“Dinner & Movie. Set up an outside movie with projector, throw blanket, candles and pillows (all I already have). Dinner: honey glazed salmon $7-8 steamed broccoli $3 brown rice (I have) .Wine $10. Dessert homemade cookies $5. Still have $5 to spare.”

7 Carol:

“A walk by the Tidal Basin, then we will go to the National Museum of African American History and Culture for a top floor tour (the music/art levels). Then we will head to the District Winery for a light wine tasting. Go back to my place to enjoy the sunset and city views. Then enjoy salad, lasagna w/garlic bread. Some wine and a dessert.”

8 Phonic:

“Throwing throws and pillows on the floor…the middle holds either a chess or Scrabble board (no worries, I’ll teach you either)…turntable spinning, incense burning, libations flowing…tasty samples of sustenance for the palate…awesome flow of convo and moreso, should the mood lend itself to that.”

9 Jennifer:

“Here in Gainesville on a fall day it would be meet at Bo Diddley park for Friday free jazz concerts in the park. I would grab some chairs out the garage and a couple throws just in case we are cuddling listening to the jazz. Talking & learning each other’s vibe & spirit. As the concert starts to end we will make it over to Harry’s for some dinner & drinks $30.00 after hit an art walk then say goodnight.”

10 Kimberly:

“It’s Saturday. 67 degrees, 2pm. I call you to ask you on an 24-hour date and tell you to shower and dress warm but comfortable with sneakers in mind and to grab your favorite romance novel. I would pack some fruit, veggies, salmon, eggs, and sausage from my fridge in my cooler, grab the coffee, and a bottle of apple crown that I have at home. Grab my notebook laptop, tent, large sleeping bag, blankets, cooking & eating essentials.


Load up items and strap my tandem kayak on top of my truck. Pick you up at 3:30 p.m. Drive 2.5 hours up to the French Broad River where I reserved our private camp spot for $25 right where the sun will set behind the mountains later. Park, unload and strap our supplies on the kayak.

Help you in the front seat because I need you to have the best view of nature and push us off to paddle to our spot. Unload and start a fire. We pitch the tent together. It’s 7 p.m. by now. You find a romantic movie to watch using my hotspot of course on the laptop while I prepare our salmon and veggie meal. You pour us some apple crown and we dine while watching the movie.


After the movie we clean up our dishes and I ask you pick your favorite chapters of your novel. As we lay in the sleeping bag, I read that chapters to you. We talk about life and our goals and dreams and fall asleep in each other’s arms. Next morning you wake up to breakfast ready to eat. We break down our little camp, pack and strap everything on the kayak and paddle back. Load up the truck and drive back 2.5 hrs planning our next romantic adventure. Drop you off, kiss kiss which ends our 24 hour date. Wanna go?”

11 Crystal:

Summer. “Dusk. We meet at the beach for a picnic as we watch the sun set. White wine sangria with frozen grapes floating in the iced, decorative bottle. Me and The Shaman discuss other worlds, other lifetimes we’ve shared. As the sun’s light fades, we feast on each others eyes and levitate high above this world, into our next beginning.”

12 Shannon:

“Winter, or around the holidays…Pick up some hot chocolate. Ride around looking at Christmas decorations. Come back home to a dinner cooked by moi (because I have every thing in the pantry or fridge and can cook) Change into PJs and snuggle while watching holiday movies.”

13 Charlene:

“I’ll make a fruit medley, bottle of Merlot, grab a blanket and drive up to Sedona “Red Rock” to watch a sunset. #Arizona.”

Family, we’d love it if you would add to the list! Comment below with your cheap date secrets.


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