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A Love that Bridges the Distance

Written by Lerverne Archer-Quarterman My first time in the United States was last September when I traveled from my home country of Trinidad & Tobago to meet the woman who would eventually become my wife. 
I had come to visit her for my birthday. Although I was nervous and worried that maybe she wouldn’t show up, our first meeting was perfect.
Hugging each other for the first time in the middle of a crowded Florida airport filled us both with a roller coaster of emotions.

Although I was nervous, we broke the ice while we drove to her house. And after that moment, it was like we’ve been doing this for ages.

We Met on Facebook

I would have never imagined that the clichéd phrase of “we met online” would apply to my life, but today I am proud to say it does. Leslie, my now wife, and I met on Facebook in a lesbian group back in 2015, but we were both in and out of relationships at that time.
We always stayed in touch, and when we did talk, our conversations were deep, humorous and healthy, which always left us longing for more.
So we followed, liked and commented on each other’s social media pages and used them to our advantage while getting to know each other.

Laying the Foundation Miles Apart

Flash forward to early 2018, when we reconnected again. This time my wife ensured that I was snatched up! Through consistent daily conversations, we made sure that we were both single, had done our self-work and worked to lay a solid foundation for a romantic relationship.
Everything that we manifested through our words and journaling was becoming a reality with such ease and grace that we both realized this had to be God, alignment or balance even. (No surprise there though because she’s a Libra.)
We dated long distance for a while, so FaceTime officially became our best friend.

Dating someone in a different country can be risky. I sometimes wondered: ‘When we do come together, will she show up and out as the person I’ve come to love through FaceTime?’ ‘Will she show up and be there for my daughter as an added mother figure?’

What I learned is that when you are in a long distance relationship, trust needs to be amplified to bridge the distance between both parties!
In the thousands of calls and saved messages I received from her within this time, she always found a way to remind me that I am safe and loved.
So I had to stay positive, trust her, communicate my feelings–good and bad–and follow my intuition.
Leslie mastered wooing me on the phone and did even more in person when we would meet up for our very few scheduled visits with each other.

She is Everything I’ve Always Wanted

In October 2018, while on one of our scheduled meetups, my wife proposed to me on a beach in Jamaica. It was both shocking and romantic.
Halfway through 2018, I knew I wanted to marry her. I realized that I could spend the rest of my life with this woman. She’s everything I always wanted in a partner; we’re so aligned.
I love the way she thinks, her caring and loving nature, how she makes me feel safe and, last but not least, seeing her mother my daughter gives me the warmest feeling inside.
So when she proposed a few months later, I already knew what my answer would be.
I have since relocated with my daughter from my island of Trinidad and Tobago to start a new life with her in Florida.
We had an intimate wedding ceremony in January 2019 at a beautiful park in Florida. She was so exceptionally beautiful that day, and we were both so excited to marry each other.
I had been married before, to my daughter’s father, but this time around was so different. I listened to my intuition, I didn’t have doubts or questions in my mind, and I was 100 percent sure about her.

Every day I wake up grateful, happy and in love. I can finally physically see, touch, wake up to and most importantly be in the presence of my wife versus seeing her through a phone screen.
Of course, I feel more safe and free to be out here in the United States than in Trinidad.  I can now hold my wife’s hands, kiss her, be open about my sexuality and proudly say, “this is my wife.” I am excited about being in this new place and space with her as we live, love and enjoy life as Mrs. & Mrs.

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    Wow dreams do come true

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    Love that the distance was closed and a fellow Trini member of lgbtq. Stay blessed and may god continue to bless your family.

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    Marina Braynon - Moore

    Omg! That was such a beautiful story!!!

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    wish I found mine

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