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About Our Love: Karen and Jordyn

The happy couple unveils a Christmas gift for their daughter.

Karen (left) and Jordyn unveil a Christmas gift for their daughter, Londyn.

Written by Karen Briscoe

We are family. I’m Karen, my partner is Jordyn and our baby girl is Londyn. Although Jordyn and I are not yet legally married, the papers don’t matter to us because we are completely committed to each other.

What is family to us? To us, family is willing to sacrifice anything and everything to make sure no one is missing or needing anything. Family means having the back of your partner and children whether they are right or wrong. We complete each other.


I first met Jordyn in April 2010 through mutual friends. I was attracted to her beautiful, big smile, and she was attracted to my snarky attitude—I am a sexy, smart ass.

We started talking for a while and ended up losing touch. We found each other again in late 2011 and decided we should get together and take the next step. We have been together for a little over three years.

We really do keep our relationship fun. We constantly try new things and bug each other by doing annoying shit because that’s just who we are. Lol. We spoil each other to show appreciation, but it is not always materialistic. We also believe that honesty goes a long way! We don’t keep anything hidden because it always comes to light.

We have no support whatsoever from our families, but we love each other. Obviously more then they love us, because we stayed by each other through hell and back a few times!

Our families don’t support gay relationships period. But I knew I liked women more than I was suppose to in early middle school. I was never sure that I wanted to make my life with a woman. I just fell completely in love with Jordyn and we started doing what made us happy.

Karen, Jordyn and their daughter, Londyn, live in Colorado.

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