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Kris and Talisa kiss on the Brooklyn Bridge, during their engagement.
About Our Love

About Our Love: Kris and Talisa’s Brooklyn Love Affair

Written by Talisa Smith-Justice

It has to be fate that brought me and my fianceé, Kris, together. We met at a mutual friend’s birthday celebration. Originally, I was not going to attend the celebration because I’m not much of a partygoer but I was feeling adventurous that night so I decided one night wouldn’t kill me.

As I was debating whether or not to attend, Kris was at home set on not going, but after a last minute change of heart she decided to show up. So I’d like to think it was fate that brought us together.

Our First Date

Kris and Talisa dress up for date night.

Talisa and Kris dress up for date night.

Kris was definitely the one to ask me out. (I was trying to play hard to get, it didn’t quite work out lol). On our first date we went to the movies, then afterwards Kris took me on a walk to The Brooklyn Bridge Park, overlooking the New York City skyline.

I Knew She Was The One …

Kris and Talisa in nature together.

Kris and Talisa enjoy nature together.

Initially, Kris’ big curly hair, beautiful big smile, and smooth talk attracted me to her. As I got to know the real Kris, her outgoing personality and kind heart is what truly attracts me to her.

As cliche as this might sound, I knew Kris was the one from the moment I laid eyes on her. It was an instant connection that I’ve never imagined I could feel in my life. It was no longer just about me, it was all about us. As soon as I began thinking and setting goals/ milestones for our relationship, I knew she was the one.

What I Love About Her

Kris and Talisa and their dog talk a walk.

Kris and Talisa take their dog out for a walk.

Talisa: I love Kris’s outlook on life, I love her positive, feel-good vibes. I love her passion for animals. I love that she has my back no matter what. I love that she is able to understand me, every part of me.

Kris: I love everything about Talisa … literally. She has found a way to awaken a part of my heart that has never been touched. I feel like before her I never knew what love was, like when we met my whole life restarted. She understands me in every shape and form. She comforts me when need be and her simple touch makes me feel like a million bucks. She completes me.

How We Deal With Challenges

Talisa and Kris exchange a kiss during their engagement at the Brooklyn Museum.

Talisa and Kris share a laugh during their engagement at the Brooklyn Museum.

Maybe because of our astrological signs, we do bump heads quite often. Kris is a Taurus so her stubbornness can be difficult to deal with at times. As for me, a Libra, I just want to keep the peace as much as possible, but her stubbornness can really push me.

Usually, when we do have those moments of disagreements, we tend to cuddle in bed and talk it out until we come to a mutual understanding.

The Proposal

Kris and I have been together for two years now. Our anniversary is August 10th. When Kris proposed on June 3, 2017 at the Brooklyn Museum (our favorite date spot), she made sure to do it at exactly 8:10 p.m. (our anniversary). She was planning our engagement with our friends and family for months without my knowledge. So it was a complete shock to see all of our friends and family and the proposal itself of course.

I happily and excitedly said, yes!!! We are planning to get married in Fall 2019.

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