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Anna & Nakiema Celebrate Their Wedding

_20140728_232853Even though it rained, Anna and Nakiema Morris felt truly blessed to celebrate their wedding day on July 29, 2014. This Cleveland couple first met 15 years ago through a mutual friend. “[Nakiema] was my first female lover ever,” Anna says. “She took my heart from the moment she touched me and she’s kept it until she found her way back to me.”

When the two met, Anna was married to a man and was raising children with him, making a relationship with Nakiema difficult. Still, the two had a special emotional connection that neither could shake. About six years ago, the two officially became a couple. Anna says, “I wanted to become her wife when I was 26, but that’s okay because I definitely became her wife at 41.”

When asked what made their rainy wedding day beautiful, Anna said, “The people that were involved. We have so much love from family and friends, it was remarkable!” She added that an entire side of her family that she didn’t think would ever accept her came to the wedding. That family support was crucial. Especially from her children, who are now 21 and 24. “[Nakiema] has helped me raise my two children for a very long time and they both respect and love her. My daughter calls her ‘Dad.’ No one asked her or suggested it to her, which signifies me that her love for Nakiema is genuinely real.”

Now that they are married, Anna happily calls Nakiema her husband. She explains, “In public I refer to her as my wife because it’s easier that way. But, in our home she is my husband and it is very comforting to me to know that I have a husband and a wife in one person.”

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    Hello!..My name is Anna Morris I am the bride in this article and my wife is Nakiema Morris.(groom) we are so very honored to be featured on this blog for black lesbian love!…I am a Cosmetologist and Nakiema is an Executive Chef. Our wedding was everything that we imagined!.. We were married July 19th,2014 and it was much more than we could have asked for. Malissa Crenshaw of Cleveland Ohio, was our wedding planner and coordinator. Without her none of the beauty in the pictures, outside of our LOVE, would have been possible! thank you to everyone who takes the time to read this article and enjoy our pictures we’re wishing everyone just as much love and happiness that we have found feel free to follow us on Instagram @fattygirl1 @chef_kema @master_crenshaw

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