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Slide Show: Andrea and Elizabeth’s Marriage Recognized in 30 States

Andrea and Elizabeth Swanby's marriage was recognized in their home state of Idaho and their new state of Arizona.

Andrea and Elizabeth Swanby’s marriage was recognized in their home state of Idaho and their new state of Arizona.

I loved reading about Andrea and Elizabeth on the Freedom to Marry website. The couple’s story was especially touching because they never expected their marriage to be recognized in two particular states–Idaho, Andrea’s home state, and Arizona, where they currently live. In fact they  legally married in California and had a wedding ceremony in Idaho.

Andrea also believed for a long time that her relatives would not accept their relationship, as her family is largely made up of conservative Mormons. However, she was proven wrong when her aunts, uncles, and grandparents all came to the wedding. “What is shocking for a lot of people in Idaho is that my family is Mormon and so accepting of our marriage,” she said.

“We did have our big beautiful wedding with all our supportive friends and family alongside us,” Andrea said. “We just needed Idaho to recognize what everyone around us does–that our marriage truly is traditional, loving, and equal: If my family can see love is love, so can Idaho!”

Andrea and Elizabeth met about four years ago through a mutual friend and have been inseparable since they began dating – they haven’t even spent more than a week apart in that time. “We have the same goals and vision,” Andrea said. “We balance each other out entirely. I laugh so hard I cry with her, and she knows what I’m going to say before I say it.”

Congratulations to this beautiful couple and enjoy photos from their wedding in the slideshow below.

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