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Seven Ways Black Lesbian Couples Can Dream Big

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11 Reasons Black Lesbians Can’t Find a Good Woman

One of the most common complaints among single black lesbians is that they cannot find a good woman. They complain that the reason they are single is because the type of women they are looking for aren’t checking for nice, hardworking and drama free women. But have you thought that maybe it’s not them but it’s you? The truth may hurt, but facts are facts. If you’re single and you don’t want to be, it’s probably due to one of these 11 reasons:
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Alisha & Skye: A Beautiful Mind and Her Good Luck Charm

Skye Jones daily doles out wisdom on life, spirituality, family and love to her hundreds of followers on Facebook. Her outlook on life and the obvious love she has for her wife, Alisha, and daughter, Jada, is so inspiring and a reminder to all black lesbians to never give up on having the life of our dreams. The couple graciously took time to talk with us about how they built their love and life together:
Amber Laign and Robin Roberts

Why We Date Younger Lesbians

I'm 45 and my partner is 10 years younger than me. Why? As I get older, women my age tend to be more conservative, stop doing new things and frankly become boring. My life doesn't end because I hit middle age. As a matter of fact, now that I’ve survived some difficult things in life, I’m even more committed to living the life that I truly want. My friends agree. Here is what they had to say.