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Bathini & Portia’s South African Engagement Party Held at Church

Bathini and Portia's pastor pray for the happy couple. Photo courtesy of Zanele Muholi

Bathini and Portia’s pastor pray for the happy couple. Photo courtesy of Zanele Muholi

Bathini Dambuza and Portia Dludlu recently celebrated their engagement in South Africa. I found the story on Zanele Muholi’s blog. The photographer documents the South African LGBT community. Three things made this beautiful couple’s engagement party stand out for me:

  1. The couple was dressed to the nines. They both treated their engagement announcement as something extra special and that is reflected in their very sharp outfits. Portia was dressed in an off-white, floor-length dress and Bathini wore a very nice black suit! There was no doubt that this was a special occasion that deserved celebration. Marriage is a big deal and the rituals surrounding it should reflect that! Love should always be celebrated!
  2. The party took place in church! Granted it is an LGBT church, but it is a church nonetheless. Far too many LGBTQ people feel they have to choose between God and love. For many people faith is an integral part of a successful union and having that extra level of support from their church brothers and sisters is critical. Instead of hiding their long-term partners like so many LGBT people do who attend non-affirming churches, Bathini and Portia’s love was embraced. The two were blessed and the preacher spoke about what a successful relationship looks like.
  3. They were surrounded by other happy, married, lesbian couples. I personally believe that some of what made my relationships so difficult was not having other, happy lesbian couples to turn to for support, encouragement and advice. The adage that it takes a village does not only apply to childrearing, it applies to life period. We cannot make it through this life alone. It’s so important to build loving and trustworthy relationships with other couples too. We should always support love whenever possible.

Congratulations Bathini and Portia, may you continue to choose love every day!   Click here to read the full story of their engagement.   Enjoy their photos in the slideshow below!

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