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Black Lesbian Couple Among 65 Same-Sex Couples Married in Alabama Synagogue

Crystal Miller, left, and her new wife, Toni, celebrate their marriage at Temple B’nai Sholom in Alabama.

Crystal Miller, left, and her new wife, Toni, celebrate their marriage at Temple B’nai Sholom in Alabama.

According to a recent article in Forward, a Jewish publication, the Temple B’nai Sholom in Huntsville, Ala., hosted 65 wedding ceremonies. Among the 65 couples who married were Crystal and Toni Miller, a black lesbian couple.

Crystal looked stunning in an all-white outfit as she said, “I do’s” with her wife, Toni, while friends and family looked on a Thursday afternoon.

The marriages took place at the temple right after same-sex marriage became legal in Alabama. While some clerks refused to offer marriage licenses and others shut their doors, dozens of couples — gay and straight, from many shades of faith — flocked to B’nai Sholom Thursday and Friday to say their vows in the Jewish sanctuary.

A diverse coalition of advocates stepped in by sponsoring Wedding Week, which was designed to allow couples to wed. Although the week is primarily aimed at same-sex couples, who are still barred from marrying in all the states that border Alabama except Florida, organizers welcomed straight couples, too, who were locked out of the courthouse doors by the legal fight.

The synagogue’s leadership was just as supportive: President Sherman Banks hesitated to comment for fear of bragging about the congregation’s desire to help. But he did offer this succinct explanation: “We’ve got no choice; it’s who we are.”

Most people shared that they never thought they’d be getting married at all let alone in a Jewish temple.

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