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Date Night

Black Lesbian Date Night: Shelly & Tiffany Visit the Bourbon Capital

Written by M. Shelly Conner

We haven’t been together long, but every time we get together, it’s date night! I met my partner, Tiffany, on OkCupid. It was our mutual love of bourbon and sarcastic banter that attracted us to each other.

But I’ve got to tell you that I love her voice and her smile. Plus, she’s absolutely gorgeous!


The Date

shelly and tiffany, bourbon, kentucky, black lesbian date night

Shelly and Tiffany spent the weekend in the bourbon capital of the world.

I recently invited Tiffany on a weekend trip to tour the Kentucky Bourbon Trail. Over the weekend, we visited our favorite bourbon distilleries and ate some amazing food.

Tiffany’s favorite bourbon is Four Roses. I just loved seeing her face light up when we visited … and then turn green on the tour (making bourbon is a smelly process).


We Were Like Kids in Candy Stores

tiffany and shelly, black lesbain date night, bourbon

Tiffany and Shelly enjoy a date weekend in Kentucky.


My favorite distillery is Jim Beam. We were like kids in candy stores (or you know, bourbon drinkers in distilleries). Road tripping was awesome and full of laughter and great conversation. We got fancy one night and had a lovely meal served by a horrible waiter. We missed out on the last of the oysters but made up for it in Louisville when we happened upon an oyster happy hour!


We Loved Every Moment of It!

Being in each other’s company without interruptions -no leaving for work or to return to our separate homes was the best part of the date. It was four days of living together and we loved every moment of it. We also found out that we are great travel companions and have since planned three more trips!

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