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13 Black Lesbian Couples Who Prove That Natural Hair is an Afrodisiac

If she is rocking a fierce afro, tossing her flowing locs, wearing her intricate braids like a crown, flaunting a sharp fade or a flirting with a two-strand twist out, there is something that is irresistible about a naturalista black lesbian. So there is something extra sexy about black lesbian couples who have doubled up on kicking the creamy crack to the curb for good. Here are some of our favorite couples that prove that natural hair is indeed an aphrodisiac.


Christen and LaTanya Christen and LaTanya married summer 2015. Christen, the musical half of this adorable Baltimore-based couple, wrote this song for her wife.


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Zamara Perri is the founder and editor of the Black Lesbian Love Lab blog. She is a proud u-hauler who loves mangoes, cats, reading, cooking for her awesome partner and writing about some of the challenges and joys of black lesbian relationships.

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  1. Withlove, Tania

    I went to school
    With Christen, she is such a sweet girl. Her wedding photos were truly beautiful !

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  3. insapphicsunshine

    Greetings all,

    It feels so wonderful to be back in this virtual space! LOVE THIS ARTICLE! So beautiful these couples! Thank you for sharing this feature. These ladies set the bar high for relationship goals.


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