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father dances with daughters at lesbian wedding

Enjoy This Breath-Taking Black Lesbian Wedding Video

Anyway you express it, black love is absolutely beautiful. My partner and I recently discovered this absolutely breathtaking wedding video of a beautiful black lesbian couple Donna (sp?) and Javon Waller-Walker. From beginning to end we could feel how in love this couple is. The videographer, Viz Ink Weddings, did a beautiful job of capturing this lovely couple’s day.

The Father-Daughters Dance

father dances with daughters at lesbian wedding

What made the video so heart warming was seeing how many people loved and supported this young couple. In addition to the couple themselves, what touched my heart the most was seeing how much femme’s dad supported his daughter and embraced his daughter’s wife. People love to say that black people are homophobic, but that is so not true in this instance.

Waller-Walker Wedding Highlights from VizInk Weddings on Vimeo.


Additionally, we loved their vows:

The masculine of center bride said, “Today I join my life with yours, not only as your partner but as your friend, lover and confidant. Let me be the shoulder that you lean on, the rock upon which you rest, the companion of your life.”
The femme bride said, “I commit to our life partnership. I promise to comfort you and encourage you in all walks of our life. I promise to express my thoughts and emotions with you and I will share my life and all that I am with you.”

Swoon! Cheers to this beautiful couple!

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    This was beautiful! I love their vows to one another.

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