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I Cannot Heal Your Wounds

Written by Tea (@coconutsandhoney)

I cannot heal your wounds.

I can only give you a space in my heart to heal yourself, and hope that you do not break anything while you are there.

No matter how much you love someone, how loyal you have been, how many times you’ve forgiven their transgressions, or how much of yourself you’ve given to them, it will never be enough to fix wounds that exist within their own soul.

There is no love so deep or true or real that will ever be fully received by a person who does not know the same love for themselves.

They might promise, and they might try, but they will always fall short when it comes to reciprocation.

Loving someone who does not know self-love is like expecting a sieve to hold water; you can pour and pour from your own cup but no amount that you give will ever stay for long.

Eventually, when your own reserve is empty, you will realize it is now you who needs to be filled but they have no cup from which to pour back in to you.

Receiving full love from an unfulfilled heart is akin pouring water from an empty cup …

You will always be thirsty.

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