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The 6 Black Lesbian Couples You Meet at a Lesbian Wedding

Why Lesbians Need to Stop Moving on So Quickly After a Break Up

Why do lesbians feel the need to move on so quickly after a relationship ends? You have one person who leaves the relationship and runs off into the sunset with someone new, and you have the other person who’s left picking up the pieces of their shattered heart. Social media sites like Instagram and Facebook have become a hub for lesbians to post about whoever the current love of their life is this week.

How to Make Her Fall for the Real You

It is easy to be labeled as either a “doormat” or a “bitch.” And we have this idea that women just seem to like those “bitches!” The truth is, women don't really like “bitches,” they like women who are real. So let's see how you can find a way to blend these two extremes into your life and find the balance that you seek.

Sappho’s Salon: Why We Date Younger Lesbians

I'm 45 and my partner is 10 years younger than me. Why? As I get older, women my age tend to be more conservative, stop doing new things and frankly become boring. My life doesn't end because I hit middle age. As a matter of fact, now that I’ve survived some difficult things in life, I’m even more committed to living the life that I truly want. My friends agree. Here is what they had to say.