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Tikesha embraces Heidi from behind.

Catch Feelings & Flights: Two Stories of Long Distance Love

Tracy and Tiffany embrace at a table with bouquets and sand glass.

Tracy & Tiffany: A Divine Meeting Leads to a Two-Bride Wedding in the Bible Belt

After seven years of love, laughter and friendship, Tracy and Tiffany married in September of 2015. Tiffany says about her wedding day, "I thought I would be nervous on the day of the wedding, but I guess since I was so nervous the weeks leading to it, I didn't have any nervousness left. This day was special to me because everyone there was in support and not judgment. This not only made me happy but Tracy also. If she is happy, I'm happy!" Click to read more of their story.

Kerri & Neicha: From a MySpace Friendship to a Soul-Driven Love

Kerri and Neicha remember December 31, 2013 as one of the best days of their lives. It was not just the beginning of a New Year, it was also the beginning of their married lives. Three months after they realized they had fallen in love with each other, Kerri and Neicha became lawfully wedded wives. It may seem like they were moving way too quickly, but for these two life coaches, their wedding was right on time. In this interview, Kerri shares how she met and fell in love with her wife, Neicha.

Interracial Deaf Hearing Lesbian Couple Shares The Great, The Bad & The Uncomfortable

What happens when a black, deaf, lesbian talks candidly with her wife, a white, hearing lesbian about some of the great, bad and uncomfortable moments of their marriage? In this absorbing seven-minute The Skin Deep video, Kat and Christina's story sounds like every other couple's. They talk about their happy moments, their son, family misunderstandings and common communication challenges that all couples can relate to.

Interview With A Married Black Lesbian Swinger

Nikki and Dee Brooks have been together for six years, married for three. About two and a half years ago, they opened their marriage up to other sexual partners. Nikki explains that the rules are simple: “All parties involved must get regular check ups and prove our results in written doctors reports. We never do anything at our home. We take turns paying for hotels. We must discuss everything with each other before making outside plans. In other words, get approval. No spending the night out.” And of course there is more.