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Marathon Love: Vann & Chunate’s Love Remain Strong In the Midst of Drastic Change, Part 2

Vann: I asked her when did she realize I wasn’t a full-blown lesbian? Chunate: Outside of sex, I knew when we first moved together. We didn’t do the girly stuff—there was no interest there. The stuff I was interested in, he had no interest in. It was just different. He always acted like a man. He was a man. I had a man in my house. I didn’t full on know but knew something was different. This was not a wife. This is somebody else. I married somebody else.

Marathon Love: How Vann & Chunate Transitioned From a School-Girl, School-Boi Crush, Part 1

Chunate was working at a McDonald’s in Baltimore in 1997 when Vann walked in with a friend. Chunate hooked them up with some food, but had no idea that Vann would later become her wife and then her husband. At the time neither had ever dated a woman and Vann had zero clue that he was transgender, but remembered thinking Chunate was very pretty. They eventually developed a close friendship and August 15, 2014, marked their 10 year anniversary.