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Giselle Bella

She’s The One: Here are 9 Adorable Ways to Ask Her to Be Yours

Your New Year’s Resolution: Break Up With Your Girlfriend

You’ve gotten to the end of the relationship and you know it. You’ve invested your time, your energy, your love and yourself into this relationship but it has not satisfied your desire. It does not fulfill your purpose. It does not meet your vision. You’ve loved each other as best as you could. You’ve disliked each other for a while but tolerated each other for the sake of the relationship. It is time to move on. It is time to call it quits without the drama of shame and hurt.

What Forgiveness Looks Like When We F*ck Up

I lived my life and had partnerships where I tolerated no mistakes. I kept leaving lovers and partners because they made a mistake whether intentionally or not. I left them according to my standards, not that of love. This therefore, did not support me in growing nor learning through the failures and lessons associated with love.