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What Every Black Femme Fears When Dating a Black Butch

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I Finally Came out at Work

For the first time in my work life, I didn’t feel the need to: pretend I’m single, convert pronouns from “she” to “he” to “they” or pretend that I have absolutely no social life outside the office. For the first time ever, I felt comfortable just slipping my real personal life into regular conversations. After 15 years as a black queer working professional, I felt absolutely comfortable just being myself.

Love & Food: The Way to a Woman’s Heart

From the very beginning, she made it clear that food was one of her top three pleasures in life. It turns out that enjoying a good home-cooked meal is one of the passions we share and so it is not surprising that food has been central to our relationship. In fact, knowing how to cook played a big part in me stealing her heart.