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Kya and Shay celebrate in front of the FAMU entrance sign.
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Celebrating Black Lesbian Couples That Graduate Together

It’s graduation season and it’s beautiful to see young people achieve their goals of finishing school. For some, achieving such an important goal with the one you love is an added bonus. Cheers to the following black lesbian couples who completed their education together:


Tanazha & Crystal Burgess

black lesbian graduate couple kissing behind their degrees

Tanazha says, “I cannot begin to tell y’all how amazing this moment was! 😍 To share this day together was something I’ll never forget! Falling in love and marrying this beautiful soul has been such a blessing! The motivation we gave each other to get this process done was just what I needed! We did it together!”


Keena and Rae

Keena and Rae exchange a kiss in their graduation gowns.

Keena and Rae also have a Youtube channel.

Keena and Rae met while attending the same trade school together in Ohio. Keena studied to become a medical assistant while Rae studied to become a patient care technician. Rae graduated before Kenna but they still celebrated together. Rae is Keena’s first girlfriend and they both came out for each other.


Rubie and Bleu

Rubie and Rose walk in heels and graduation gowns

Rubie and Rose walked together after earning their undergraduate degrees.

When Rubie graduated, she wrote the following on her Instagram page: “Not only am I walking with my bachelors but I get to walk the stage with my biggest supporter…. my girlfriend ???? .” #couplethatgraduatestogetherstaystogether #MyEverything #ThaBleuRose


DeShonna and Tiffany

Tiffany embraces DeShonna

Since graduation DeShonna and Tiffany have become engaged.

Deshonna shares, “We met through our college honor fraternity, Phi Sigma Pi. I was rush/initiation chair when Tiffany rushed and I technically was rush mom (but I swear I didn’t like abuse my power). Around the same time, I was confused about my sexuality and had been since high school. Tiffany was really outspoken about her sexuality and was, to me, someone I felt could help me.

So, I confided in her, we became friends, and I developed the HUGEST crush on her. In short, Tiffany helped me ‘discover myself’ haha and after talking and other things, we started dating. And it’s been the best time of my life since.”


DeShonna graduated with a bachelor’s degree in journalism and sociology while Tiffany graduated with her bachelor’s degree in family and consumer science


Kya and Shay

Kya and Shay exchange a kiss with their shool in the background

Kya and Shay’s graduation pic went viral after their December 2016 graduation.

When Kya and Shay graduated in December 2016, their graduation pictures made headlines. “At first it was overwhelming knowing are pictures went viral,” Shay said.  “We had to adjust because we had no idea that it would go viral like this. Now we are happy that we get to share our story with the world and cut barriers while doing so. I honestly do not know why it went viral. Maybe because some still feel that two femme lesbians are so taboo.”

Kya earned her degree in public relations and Shay earned hers in psychology with a minor in criminal justice.


Shaneda and Shaina

Shaina and Shaneda hold hands in graduation gown.

Shaina and Shaneda are heading to Iowa for jobs in academia.

Shaneda and Shaina met online 6 years ago. “Neither of us were looking for anything serious — just casual dating,” Shaina shares. “We met one day in the Village in New York City  for dinner and have been together ever since. Eight months later, we moved to Maryland together. A year later, she began her doctoral program at Howard University.
She is graduating with her Ph.D. in Sociology. I am graduating from the University of Maryland with my Masters in Library & Information Science. I will be an academic librarian there with a focus on diversity and inclusion initiatives. She will be a research associate for a university.”

Congratulations family!

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