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Frequently Asked Questions About Black Lesbian Love Lab


Www.blacklesbianlovelab.com is a blog focused on black lesbian relationships. We are very dedicated to providing healthy relationship content that speaks directly to our community. This page was created to answer all the questions you may have.

Q: What is Black Lesbian Love Lab?

A: Black Lesbian Love Lab is a blog that tells the love stories of black women in same-gender relationships. This blog is all about our love, families and homes. Our articles cover the entire relationship spectrum from single black lesbians who are looking for love to married couples to those who have parted ways.


Q: Some of these articles can be applied to ANY relationship.

A: Yes, that is true. While many relationship topics can apply to any relationship, black lesbians tend to have unique relationship experiences that are often not addressed in mainstream media or mainstream LGBTQ media. Black Lesbian Love Lab is written by black lesbians for those in black lesbian relationships.


Q: Is this blog for transwomen?

A: This blog is for all black, same-gender loving women. We welcome all readers. If a transwoman is attracted to other women or is interested in sharing her black, same-gender love story, we are happy to accept it.

Q: Do you run Stud4Stud love stories.

A: Yes.


Q: Who runs the blog?

A: Zamara Perri runs the blog. She has 15 years of writing and editing experience.


Q: Is Zamara Perri your government name?

A: No. Zamara Perri is a pen name.


Q: Where is the blog based?

A: The blog’s editor lives in Baltimore, but focuses on black lesbian relationships globally.


Q: When did the blog start and why?

A: Zamara started the blog to bring visibility to the thousands of incredible love stories that black lesbians and their families live out on a daily basis. The blog is also a resource for helping black lesbians create healthy relationships.


Q: Do you profile couples of other races?

A: No. This blog is for black lesbians and their partners who may be of a different race.


Q: Is this blog welcoming to bisexual women?

A: The blog is open to all readers. We see it as a wonderful resource for anyone who visits our site. We also welcome stories from black bisexual women who are currently in same-gender relationships.


Q: You don’t seem to promote other LGBT topics or groups.

A: What makes Black Lesbian Love Lab so unique is that we are advocates for healthy black lesbian relationships and so our articles are singularly focused on providing relationship content to this specific group of women.


Q: Will you promote my movie, book etc.?

A: If your movie, book etc. can advance conversations about black lesbian relationships, we will be happy to consider interviewing the creator or author about their work.


Q: I’d like to share my love story and photos. How do I do that?

A: Send an email to blacklesbianlovelab@gmail.com and she will respond with several interview questions.


Q: I’m a writer and I’d like to submit an article. How do I do that?

A: Click here for our submission guidelines.


Q: How do you select photos?

A: We are very  selective about the photos we share on this page. We try our hardest to share photos that highlight a variety of beautiful black women, black lesbian couples and black lesbian families. We may post nude photos, but they are never pornographic in nature. If you’re a photographer and you’d like to share photos with us, please contact us at blacklesbianlovelab@gmail.com.


Q: What are your terms of service, privacy policy, disclaimers etc.

A: Visit our Legal Information page for to find out.


Q: Do you accept advertising?

A: Yes. Please fill out our ad inquiry form.

Q: I think same-sex relationships are against God’s will and are a plot to feminize the black man and destroy the black family. Who should I contact about voicing my concerns about the things I see on this site?

A: Please send all such concerns to StayInYourOwnLane@LiveandLetLive.com