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Black Lesbian Love Lab Guidelines for Writers


Www.blacklesbianlovelab.com is a blog focused on black lesbian relationships. We are very dedicated to providing healthy relationship content that speaks directly to our community. We are currently accepting relationship articles from black lesbian women. We are currently looking for articles on dating, relationships, marriage, family, fashion etc., as told from the unique black lesbian perspective.


6 Steps to Becoming a BL3 Writer:


  1. Come up with 2-3 blog post ideas that you think will appeal to our audience.
  2. Send your ideas to Zamara Perri at blacklesbianlovelab@gmail.com. Be sure to include a brief bio and your relationship status.
  3. Once you and Zamara have discussed your ideas and agreed on a topic, get to writing!
  4. People have short attention spans so please keep your articles under 1,000 words. You are likely to have more people read your article if it’s between 500 and 700 words.
  5. Know that your article will be edited and packaged to fit the blog’s style. Even the very best writer needs a second set of eyes on the article.
  6. Once your article has been posted, please be sure to share it with your circle of friends on social media.


3 Tips for a Great Blog Post

  1. Personal: People are interested in people they can relate to so don’t be afraid to be yourself. We want to hear your real thoughts, feelings and opinions. Share examples from your own life or your friends’ lives.
  2. Invite conversations: This blog is a safe space for black lesbians to talk and share their advice, ideas and experiences so bring up conversations that you’re already having with your friends. You can be funny, deep, controversial, even offensive, as long as the writer respects her readers.
  3. Uniquely address black lesbians and their romantic relationships. Don’t forget who your audience is. While many relationship topics can apply to any relationship, black lesbians tend to have unique relationship experiences that are often not addressed in mainstream media or mainstream LGBT media. So, don’t forget to write for our community.


At this point articles are unpaid. The writer will have the benefit of working with Zamara Perri, who has 15 years of professional writing experience. Articles accepted will be edited, packaged and promoted to thousands of readers across various social media networks.


Interested writers should contact us at blacklesbianlovelab@gmail.com and place “Article Ideas” in the subject line.