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Dawn and Tianna Procter dressed in black
About Our Love

Dawn and Tianna: Soldiers of Love

Dawn and Tianna Proctor met while they were both stationed in Seoul, Korea. Dawn was a 20-year Air Force veteran and Tianna was in the Army. A chance meeting one night in September 2013, completely re-arranged their lives.

How We Met

Dawn and Tianna selfie

Dawn and Tianna take a selfie with a black and white filter.

Tianna: Well it all started when I was at a lounge with my best friend and home girl. Dawn walked in with two girls, and one of them was my home girl’s ex-girlfriend.

Dawn was so beautiful; I called my home girl’s best friend over to me to tell me who she was. Her friend ran over, took her number and gave it to me.

Once I had her number I had to talk to her.  She told me she was 40, that she had a son, was in the Air Force and was about to retire.


Our First Date

Tianna: We kicked it off the next day for lunch, went to a club and we been together ever since.

I Knew She was Special

Dawn and Tianna at a park.

Dawn and Tianna enjoy time in nature.

Dawn: When we met, I just had a breakup. So, I was not at all looking to be seriously involved with anyone.  But she touched places in my heart and soul that had never been tapped into before. It was crazy!

I didn’t know if she was doing the three-month fakeness or if this was really who she was.  So, I had to let it ride just to make sure she wasn’t one of those player studs who are all talk.

I couldn’t let it ride too long cause I didn’t want to lose this diamond, but I was skeptical, to say the least.

I fell in love with my wife because she showed me something that I had never seen before. She paid attention to me and didn’t just focus on the sex part of the situation.

Normally when I spend time with someone, they usually get on my nerves, and I’m counting down the minutes until they leave–not her.  I never got tired of her being around. I would look forward to her seeing her, and I would look forward to spending time with her.

None of my other exes allowed me to be me. I always felt I had to be somebody I wasn’t just to keep them in my life.

I was confident and independent and all that, but somehow my personal relationships is where I fell short in life until I met my wife.  She always made me feel special and still does to this day.

I fell in love with her because she is so confident. I fell in love with my wife because she is sexy, she’s got the biggest heart in the world, she’s smart, she’s spiritual, and she’s highly motivated. Even though we seem like complete opposites, we’ve got a lot in common.

The biggest thing is that she doesn’t just tell me she loves me, she shows me. That’s something that I never had before with any of my exes.


Age Ain’t Nothing But a Number

Tianna: My wife is 15 years older than me. She’s almost the same age as my mom. My mom is 45, and my wife is 44. The age difference hasn’t put a negative strain on our relationship.  I come to her for advice since she has way more experience in certain things, but no one would know her age unless she told them.

Dawn: Age was a HUGE concern for me when we met and when we began to get serious. It was never an issue for her, but I was concerned that her family would be judgmental because I’m basically the same age as her parents.

She made me feel comfortable and always allowed me to be me. So, I eventually stopped thinking about such a small and a minor aspect of our relationship.

She is young, but she has this work ethic that is unimaginable!  She wants to be somebody and is willing to work hard to get there, and it’s motivation for me.


I knew I Couldn’t Live Without Her

Dawn and Tianna walk down the aisle.

Dawn and Tianna boogie down the aisle after becoming wife and wife.

Dawn: We gave ourselves the time we needed to think a lot of things through, and committed when we knew it was right. I knew I was in love with her when she had to leave Korea for a few months for Army training, and I couldn’t bear the thought of losing her to a plane crash or anything else! That’s when I knew I couldn’t live without her.

I left a $116,000 a year contracting job in Seoul to be with her in El Paso, Texas.

Our love meant more than money, and unfortunately, we’re suffering from that financial loss, but somehow, we remain happy, and the struggle brings us closer together. 

Love and God are our strongest bonds. My life is so much better with her in it, and I thank God as much as I can for bringing our paths together.

Dawn and Tianna outdoors wedding shot

Dawn and Tianna celebrate on their wedding day.

Tianna: My wife and I love to show how much we love each other. There isn’t a day that goes by where we won’t say how much we love and appreciate each other.

We lost some friends and family but gained faith and patience and an understanding of what real support is.

Our Wedding Days Were Beautiful!

Dawn and Tianna dance on wedding day.

Dawn and Tianna dance together as a married couple.

Dawn: We got married December 16, 2014, and had our full ceremony in Virginia with our families August 1, 2015. My son walked me down the aisle, and Tianna’s parents walked her down the aisle.

Tianna showed me that someone could love me and honor me, and care about me, and value me, and not be afraid to shout from a mountaintop that I’m her woman! I like titles. I don’t know why, but I do. I love being her wife.


Working Toward a Better Future

Dawn and Tianna's family on wedding day.

Dawn and Tianna’s family support them on their wedding day.

Tianna: Our entire family is in school. We have one son who is 20 years old and is currently in welding school. Dawn is pursuing her bachelor’s degree in marketing. After she graduates in January 2018, she will pursue her master’s in business.

I just completed my master’s degree in project management and will be starting my PhD in project management.

Advice for Other Couples

Tianna: We would like to inspire people to love themselves more and be confident in the choices that they make even if it does upset other people. We also believe in cherishing the one you love like it’s their last day.

Love conquers all, don’t be afraid to be yourself. If you have God in your life, nothing else matters. Just be happy!

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