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DL & Sharice: Our Love is an Answer to Prayer

Written by Zamara Perri

Eleven years ago, DL Williams prayed that God would send her someone who would love and respect her. When she met Sharice, the woman who would eventually become her wife, DL discovered that Sharice had prayed that same prayer!

Today Sharice continues to be every bit of the woman DL prayed for. “She never lies to me and has loved my children and been a provider for them with no hesitation,” DL shares. “I simply love her heart.”

For Sharice, the feeling is mutual. “I love our connection,” she confesses. “The mere simple fact is that after 11 years, I still get butterflies like the first day we met. What I love the most is, she loves me and all of my craziness.”

Online Love at First Click

The lovebirds met online and remember being excited that they both attended Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs). Sharice is an alum of Grambling State University and DL attended the University of Arkansas-Pine Bluff.

Aside from their HBCU connection, DL said she found beauty in Sharice’s manners, personality and sense of humor. “I guess you can say she got me,” DL says fondly.

“I loved that she could hold my attention,” Sharice shares. “She tried to play the shy game (not), and I loved the way she interacted with our kids. She isn’t too bad to look at either. LOL!”

She Popped the Question Over the Phone!

black lesbian couple smile at camera

Sharice and DL smile for the camera in this black and white photo.

DL wanted to be married before she turned 30, but she also immediately knew Sharice was the one.

“I asked Sharice to marry me the first night we spoke over the phone in 2005.”

Most people would think it a little crazy to propose marriage to someone you had never met, but for DL, her reason for asking was simple:

“If someone sets a gift in your presence and the tag read, ‘to you from God,’ only a fool would let that gift that was personally sent from God get away. I knew the voice on the other end of the phone had to be my wife.”

Of course at the time gay marriage was not legal in any state close to the couple. After being together for a couple of years, Sharice proposed to DL in 2007. And as soon as California made it legal, they started planning the trip there to quickly to beat the court’s action of appealing it.

So in 2008, they made the trip from their home in Tennessee to California and were officially married–one day before DL’s 30th birthday.

Both say their wedding day was one of their best memories together. “We were on the rooftop with champagne, cigars, and nothing but the light of the pool and the moon,” DL recalled. “I promise my world stood still and the moon cast a radiant glow only on her beautiful face. Everything else disappeared.”

Since they live in a Bible Belt state, the couple didn’t announce they were married. “Where we are from people believe in hiding your hand,” DL shared. “People are fine as long as you keep it to yourself. Our parents didn’t approve of our relationship for different reasons, but for those closest to us we gave them two choices: love us or leave us alone.”

Sticking Together for Better or Worse

black lesbian couple standing sunglasses on

Sharice leans against her wife, DL.

Both have medical conditions, but due to her disability, DL remains a stay-at-home mother to the couple’s two children.

They say they have no choice but to make it work on one income. “It can be challenging,” Sharice admits. “But you have to learn how to budget. DL takes care of home and makes sure the kids and house are taken care of, and I work outside the home. We talked about this when we first started dating, and because of my job, it is important to me that someone is home when the kids go to school and when they come home.”

We’ll Have A Real Wedding Someday

When asked for the secret to their marathon love affair, DL says, “I love her from top to bottom. As long as she’s here on this Earth I acknowledge her as God’s gift and it’s my job to cherish, protect and care for her.”

Sharice says, “You have to keep the lines of communication open. I love her, and no matter what obstacle God places in our life, we face it together. We took the kids to Disney the spring before we got married, and DL was very apprehensive about going because she couldn’t walk that far.

I was already ahead of her, I had called the amusement parks to check on scooters and had put that in our budget. You do what you have to do when you love someone. We had a terrific time.”

With tight finances and small minds in the South, they didn’t have a chance to have a big, flashy wedding, so they celebrate every meaningful moment they’ve had together.

“We celebrate the first day we talked, met, moved in together and of course our anniversary. In October 2011 we took a cruise for our anniversary and birthdays,” DL shares. “Her wish is a real wedding and it’s my promise to make that happen one day.”

Sharice passed away on August 4, 2017 due to complications from surgery. We extend our deepest condolences to DL, their children, other family members and friends.

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Article written by:

Zamara Perri

Zamara Perri is the founder and editor of the Black Lesbian Love Lab blog. She loves black love and loves mangoes, cats, reading, cooking and writing about some of the challenges and joys of black lesbian relationships.

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