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Ephesia and Tamerisk married in Delaware.
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Ephesia & Tamerisk: Serving Our Country While Loving Each Other

Ephesia and Tamerisk married in Delaware.

Ephesia and Tamerisk met and fell in love while they were stationed in Korea.

I ran across Ephesia Jones and Tamerisk Witherspoon’s story on the Freedom to Marry website. Both met in 2012 while they in the Army and stationed in Korea. Although they were just friends at first, they kept getting closer. “We fell in love quick—she fell first, of course,” Ephesia joked. “She told me she loved me first. And then it took me a week or so.”

Ephesia has a four-year-old son named Kylin. He met Tamerisk about a year after the women had started dating. “It took about four or five months for them to get used to each other,” Ephesia remembered. “He was in that trouble-2s mode.”

Now, they just want to be a family like anyone else. Ephesia and Tamerisk married in Delaware this summer. And although they still cannot escape people noticing and reacting to their relationship when they go abroad, they have not faced much pushback since they got married.

Ephesia is hoping that future judges will rule in favor of respecting marriages like theirs in her home state of Louisiana. “It would mean so much,” she said, discussing her roots in Louisiana and long history in the state. “That’s something that would be amazing.”

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