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Outlawed Love Blossoms in Homophobic East Africa

Fayth and Meg share a kiss the night they got engaged.

Fayth and Meg share a kiss the night they got engaged.

Although homosexuality has been outlawed in their home country of Kenya, Fayth and Meg have fallen deeply in love. And they have no plans of separating, no matter the consequences. Fayth—an artist, blogger and part-time travel agent; and Meg, a videographer/graphics artist—live and work in the capital city of Nairobi. We shared their engagement story here, and although their love is risky, this playful couple agreed to share their love story below:

Black Lesbian Love Lab (BL3): How long have you been together?

Fayth: We have been together for 7 months now. I have never been with anyone for that long, and I look forward to having many more months with her.

BL3: How did you two meet?

Fayth: We had been meeting with mutual friends but never had any conversation. We met at a human rights tattoo event. We started talking and had our first conversation about tattoos and explaining the ones we already had. We did not exchange numbers but Twitter handles and just parted. I wasn’t sure I was going to see her again unless during other LGBT events. The next day, we had a long talk on Twitter and that is where I realized how interesting she was. She is an intellectual and me being a sapiosexual got attracted to her. We flirted during that conversation, and the next hour I was asking our mutual friend who introduced us for her number. I was the first to make the move.

Meg: *Peeks at Fayth’s answer* ahem. Yeah. … [After the human rights event], we hit it off and I found out that she was the blogger I’d been obsessing over for a while. Jackpot *smirk.* But. There’s a but. Heh. I wasn’t ready for any type of relationship having just come out of a messy, complicated one. We were friends for about two months (admirable restraint) before we decided to officially date.

BL3: What do you love about each other?  

Fayth: She is a simple person to love. She has a great sense of humor. It’s unbelievable. She has [these] beautiful dreadlocs that I love and most times play with them. More often than not, her backside is my source of objectification, and I do not hide it whenever she is around.

She has a contagious beautiful smile and laugh that lights up her face and anyone who gets to see or hear it. She is such an intellectual and we can engage in conversations that are stimulating and I can listen to her all day. She is a passionate and creative person and is constantly learning new things in her line of work. It interests me a lot and I am never bored because of my curiosity with what she does. It all adds up to the excitement of being with her. We write each other love letters sometimes, and when we decide to become mushy and cheesy, [there’s] a whole bowl of it. She participates in my dreams and goals and encourages me a lot. We make a good team: friends first, inseparable when together, we are always willing to talk about things, we are both introverts.

Meg: What attracted me/attracts me to Fayth is her mind. Her way of expressing herself and debating life issues really stirred up the Sagittarius in me 🙂 Oh and the fact she is mind numbingly beautiful and fucking sexy adds to the overall charm. What I love about Fayth is so extensive I could write pages about it. I will say though that the person she is, how she handles herself, her passion, determination and creativity tops the list. Also when she’s putting on her mascara in that moment she looks quite gorgeous, delicate, feminine, enchanting. Heart stopping even.

BL3: When will your wedding ceremony be? And, why get married when it is not legal in Kenya?

Fayth: With Meg everything feels right. I want to be with her constantly and the thought of otherwise is just not entertained in my line of thoughts. I want to be married to her; it somehow makes me feel even more important to her than just a girlfriend. She gives me support, the challenge and the urge to do more, especially as an artist. We form an idea and we look for ways to actualize it.

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