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Queen Latifah and Tika Sumter play Bessie Smith and her longtime lover.
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Five Queer Films for You and Bae to Chill to This Weekend

Written by Jaime Blanson

Ladies, it’s officially cuddle season. The days are shorter and colder making it harder for us to leave the house unless we absolutely must. On those weekends when you’re in the mood to snuggle with your lady, drool over beautiful, black, queer ladies on screen and just … y’know … check out some movies.

Here are our favorite movies for y’all to Netflix-and-chill to:

1. Pariah


The film centers on Alike, a teenager who struggles to hide her identity as a lesbian from her family, while dealing with school, first loves and friendships. Released in 2011, Dee Rees’ coming-of-age and coming-out tearjerker is currently streaming on Netflix. If you and bae both want to be in your feelings and settle into a round of cuddling, then this is the film for you.


2. Tangerine


Sean Baker’s 2015 film, which was shot on three iPhones, feels more documentary than cinematic. The movie is about trans, sex workers Sin-Dee Rella and Alexandra, who wind up spending a Christmas Eve on the streets of Los Angeles.

With help from Alexandra, Sin is hunting down the cisgender woman her boyfriend/pimp has been having an affair with. The film is currently available on Netflix. This is a great film to lighten the mood.


3. When Night Is Falling


The 1995 romantic drama is focused on Camilla, an uptight religion professor who literally runs off to join the circus with her secret lover, Petra.

The film is rated sizzling for interracial sexy times. While it’s not streaming on any mainstream services, you should be able to stream it here.


4. The Incredibly True Adventure of Two Girls in Love

This ’95 classic stars a young Nicole Ari Parker as the stereotypical popular and rich student body president-wannabe. What’s not so cliché is that she happens to fall for the school’s flunking butch lesbian.

It’s the same sort of cheesy that all your 90s favorites are, but it’s totally worth the watch. Sadly, the film is only available through Netflix’s DVD service.


5. Bessie

The HBO biopic won the 2015 Prime Time Emmy Award for Outstanding Television Movie and includes an all-star cast of black actors and actresses.

Pariah director, Dee Rees also helmed this project in which Queen Latifah stars as the 1920s bisexual blues singer Bessie Smith. The beautiful Tika Sumpter appears alongside Latifah as Smith’s longtime lover. You have to log into HBO Go to stream this one.

Jaime is a film student who runs lavandnoir.com, a blog where she documents female LGBTQIA characters in cinema and TV.

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