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From Friends to Life Partners Without Missing a Beat

Story by Alicia Underlee Nelson

Yvonne and Nina make their home in Durham, N.C.

Yvonne and Nina make their home in Durham, N.C.

Yvonne and Nina Ricci, who have been together for 15 years, tell their story in the June issue of 10 Thousand Couples eMagazine. Their first meeting could have been awkward, since Yvonne was technically on a date when they ran into each other at a house party in Durham, North Carolina in October of 1999. Yvonne and her “date” (who was actually a friend that Yvonne was with as part of a dating game contest) sat and chatted with Nina throughout the evening. “We connected as friends,” says Nina. “From that point, we eventually became good friends, from good friends to lovers and from lovers to life partners.” Fifteen years later, Nina says, “We are each other’s best friend, so we really enjoy being together and talking about everything from our favorite realty television shows to politics to religion.” An evening at home for the Riccis might involve a fiercely competitive game night, time decompressing with a book or computer games for Nina, one of Yvonne’s favorite sci-fi or action movies or a walk with Chica, their blue pitbull. Click here to read more at 10,000 Couples eMagazine.


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