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Geri & Jackie’s Attraction is Deeper Than Physical

On their first date, Jackie and Geri talked for four hours!

On their first date, Jackie and Geri talked for four hours!

After spending two and a half years as friends, Geri and Jackie took a leap of faith and went on their first official date. And on July 5, 2014, the two exchanged vows and became wife and wife. The happily married couple, who live in Upper Marlboro, Md., recently told us their sweet love story:

Black Lesbian Love Lab (BL3) : How did you meet?

Geri & Jackie: We met through mutual friends at a lounge in Washington, D.C. Initially, we were just friends for more than two years.

BL3: What attracted you to each other?

Geri: She is just simply an amazing person. My attraction to her goes far beyond the physical. In my view, she is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful women on the planet, but my attraction goes far beyond that. Ironically, a year prior to meeting her, I wrote a description of my perfect match. Not the physical attributes, but rather the intellectual and emotional characteristics that I view as the most essential in a life partner. Jackie meets every single descriptor I outlined in my blog. It was amazing to find someone like-minded, who has a great love for God, family and friends.

Jackie: Even when we were just friends, I was always drawn to her outgoing personality.

As mentioned before, initially we were just friends, but as I got to know her I became increasingly attracted to how sweet and kind she was, the fact that she was always thinking of others and had a way of making people around her laugh!

As she said, obviously we found each other physically attractive, but our chemistry goes beyond that. We both are silly as heck, and she constantly keeps me laughing. Her sense of humor was definitely a factor in my falling for her.

BL3: Tell us about your first date.
Geri: It’s so funny because we regularly reminisce about our first date. It was really crazy because we had hung out countless times as “just friends” for more than two years, so leading up to our date was both exciting and scary. We had such an awesome connection as friends, we didn’t want to ruin things by taking our relationship on a different path.

Jackie: I was SO nervous leading up to the first date. After being buddies for so long, I was nervous how we would interact with each other on an official date.

Geri: On our first date, I made a reservation at one of my favorite restaurants in D.C. I had her meet me at my job, and when she arrived in my office, looking absolutely gorgeous, all I could do was smile. I instantly stopped viewing her as just a buddy, LOL.

Jackie: Seriously, I was sweating and my stomach had huge butterflies as I arrived at her office. In true fashion though, she made me laugh, and eased my anxiety. From that moment on, the rest of the date was so incredible. We went to the restaurant and ate a wonderful meal and sat and talked for more than four hours. The entire evening was absolutely perfect.

Geri: I knew she was perfect for me that night, because we talked about everything under the sun. Good conversation is a must for me, and we had plenty of that on our first date. And we capped the night off with our first kiss, and that sealed our forever.

BL3: How long have you been together?

Jackie & Geri: We’ve known each other for about 5 years, but have been in a relationship for approximately 2 ½.

BL3: What do you love about each other?

Geri: It would take me the next decade to describe all of the things I love about her. Simply, I love that she is my rock. I wrote a poem for her, in which I say, “She carries the weight of my world on her shoulders so seamlessly,” and it’s so true. I’ve always had to be the strong one, with family/friends, and I love that I have her to be my strength when I feel weak. She is an amazing care-giver, and I absolutely love and appreciate her for that.

Jackie: I love so many things about my wife. She is the most romantic, caring person I’ve ever met. I love that she goes the extra mile to make sure that she shows how much I am loved.

Her actions and her words are always aligned, when it comes to her expressions of love for me. Our relationship is just so easy-going, and genuine, and I wouldn’t change a thing.

BL3: Why did you decide to get married?

Jackie and Geri sport huge grins at a pride event.

Jackie and Geri sport huge grins at a pride event.

Geri: Prior to being with her, I never thought that I would get married. I don’t think that I ever thought that I would find anyone that I could see spending the rest of my life with. Now, with her, I can’t see my life without her. Marriage was just a natural progression for our relationship–the ultimate expression of our love.

Jackie: There was never any doubt that we would get married. I was previously married, and never thought I’d want to get married again, but the moment I fell in love with her, I knew that I wanted to take our vows, and share our love with our friends and family.

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