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Geri & Jackie’s Attraction is Deeper Than Physical

Jackie and Geri got married in an art gallery in Washington, D.C.

Jackie and Geri got married in an art gallery in Washington, D.C.

BL3: Tell us a bit about your wedding day. What made it special?

Geri: “It was singularly the most amazing day of my life. She looked beautiful and I couldn’t wait to say I do. We knew we wanted to be married at a unique venue, but knew we wanted a minister to preside over the ceremony. We decided that we would get married in an art gallery in D.C. A few weeks before the wedding I came up with the idea of getting married within a circle of tea lights, and our friends and family standing around us in a circle. My vision went off without a hitch. The minister, Jackie and I were standing within the circle of lights, and our family and friends stood around us, and it was simply magical.

Jackie: We also decided to do a candle lighting ceremony, which represented our two families coming together. What made it extra special for me was having my 12-year-old son take part in the unifying ritual. I could not stop tearing up, but everyone knows that I am a cry baby. LOL. It was seriously the most incredible day ever!

BL3: What wedding traditions did you keep and which ones did you get rid of and why?

Jackie: I’m not quite sure that other than having a minister present, that we did much that would be considered traditional. We wanted the experience to be unique.

Geri: We wanted to keep the tradition of having our fathers walk us down the aisle, but instead I came up with us being positioned in the circle of tea lights prior to guests coming in the ceremony room. Honestly, at the time, no one from my family supported the idea of gay marriage, so they did not attend the wedding. Her parents were/are extremely supportive and were part of the ceremony. However, I didn’t feel comfortable walking down the aisle without my dad, so unfortunately that is a tradition we had to do away with.

Geri and Jackie share a smile and hugs.

Geri and Jackie share a smile and hugs.

BL3: Where was the wedding and reception held? At a church or somewhere else? And why?

Geri: The wedding and reception was held at an art gallery in Washington, DC. We wanted a unique venue for the wedding, and a friend recommended that we take a look at the art gallery. When we went to see that space we instantly knew it was perfect for us.

Jackie: We originally wanted to get married in a church, but decided that as long as we had a minister preside, we felt that God was present in our ceremony.

BL3: How did it feel to exchange vows? Did you write your own vows?

Geri: We did not write our own vows. We wanted to, but we soon realized that my emotional wife would never be able to get through the words without breaking down … LOL.

Jackie: Yeah, I knew that there would be absolutely no way I could get through more than a few words without blubbering. Also, I get anxiety speaking in front of larger groups of people, even if they are family and friends, so we opted not to write our own.

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