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How Black Lesbian Families Celebrate Mother’s Day

As little girls, many of us dreamed of having families of our own. Except, unlike other little girls, we didn’t dream of a husband, we dreamed of wives or female partners with whom we could raise children. There are many black lesbian couples who are raising children together, and we wish them all a very happy Mother’s Day! We also wanted to share the stories of three black lesbian couples and their children:

Lauren and Latrivia love teaching Amarion, Amani and Amir.

Lauren (left) and Latrivia love teaching Amani, Amarion and Amir.

Lauren & Latrivia

Portsmouth, Va.

July 22 will mark four years that Latrivia and Lauren have been together. Biological mom Latrivia (the taller one) and stepmom Lauren (me) are parents to Amarion, Amani and Amir.

“We talked about what we like most about being parents and came to the conclusion that being a parent means you’re automatically a teacher,” said Lauren. “We take pride in showing our children the way of life, love, respect and most importantly education. We don’t know everything, but ‘I don’t know’ or ‘I can’t’ isn’t allowed in our household so we figure it out together. Seeing our babies succeed is what we strive for.”

What does Mother’s Day look like in their two-mom household? “Well, Latrivia made up a day called Step-mom day, which is the day before Mother’s Day for me. It’s my special day for being a mother to her children” shares Lauren. “We celebrate both days with gifts, relaxation and dinner—rather it’s cooked or we go out to eat. Last year the kids and I created a spa day in the house for their mom and the kids did all the work (manicure, pedicure, facial, massage, and fed her her favorite candy) and she loved it!”

Randi and Dorothia truly admire their children, Ranlei and Raeshawn.

Randi (left) and Dorothia truly admire their children, Ranlei and Raeshawn.

Randi & Dorothia

Cincinnati, Ohio

After meeting at work, Randi and her beautiful fiancée, Dorothia, have been together for “seven wonderful years.”

“Our daughter, Ranlei, turned 10 years old this year and our son, Raeshawn, turned 8 this year,” Randi says. “What we enjoy most about being parents is TRUE hugs and kisses, their laughter and watching them grow into themselves and develop the personalities they have inherited from us with their own twist to it.  I believe we admire them more than they admire us.”

Randi says Mother’s Day isn’t different because there are two moms. However, “I would have to say my favorite Mother’s Day was when the kids finally made a card for Dorothia on their own.  We generally hang at the house with each other and cook,” she says.

Candi (center) and her partner, Sharecia (birth mom) have unconditional love for daughter, Chy'rie.

Candi (center) and her partner, Sharecia (birth mom) have unconditional love for daughter, Chy’rie.

Candi & Sharecia

Tampa, Fla.

Candi and Sharecia have been together for 17 months. Their daughter is Chy’rie. What they both love most about being mothers is: “The unconditional love, watching her accomplishments and knowing how hard she’s worked towards them.”

In their home, they put their own special spin on Mother’s Day. Chy’rie makes Mother’s Day special for her birth mom, while Candi, who is more dominant, celebrates Father’s Day with their daughter.

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Zamara Perri is the founder and editor of the Black Lesbian Love Lab blog. She loves black love and loves mangoes, cats, reading, cooking and writing about some of the challenges and joys of black lesbian relationships.

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