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I Found Real Love at a Couple’s Retreat

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Tracey and Nisha are committed to growing together.
Written by Blu Reign Several years ago, I met this beautiful, dominant woman with café au lait complexion and locs down her back. She drew me in with her intellect, masculinity and yes, beauty, but as the saying goes, “Timing is everything.” Four years ago just wasn’t our time, so against my hopes and fantasies, we walked opposing paths and found love with othr people. Then a few years later, she waltzed backed into my life. Although she came under grim circumstances, I knew I loved her and I was going to get my diamond out of coal. For four months, our communication remained at a distance. We saw each other twice in four months. It looked like we would never be more than friends until we attended a one-day retreat in Washington, D.C., as friends. It covered emotions, self-esteem, relationships and empowerment.
In short, we learned vital life lessons that were not taught at school or at home.

The retreat allowed my partner, then my friend, to learn how to be transparent about her feelings through effective and mature conversation. She began to shed the pain of her past and learned to make a conscious decision to live towards her future. We attended as friends, and left as hopeful lovers. Within four months of experiencing our first retreat, my partner and I officially chose to grow together in a fulfilling relationship. We decided to build on that first retreat and attended another retreat with the same speaker, Angie Harvey, who is a phenomenal speaker. That retreat, specifically geared toward couples, included relationship growth workshops, movies, slow dancing, delightful cuisine, romantic sleeping quarters and relationship trivia games. I can’t recommend going to a retreat enough. If you desire to grow on an individual level as well as have a relationship with yourself and your partner that feeds you emotionally, spiritually, and physically (wink), I recommend attending a retreat! After all, it worked for me. About a month ago, my partner and I moved in together and we are consciously loving each other and growing together each day.

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