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I Waited 1,000 Years For A Second Chance With Her

Natasha says, "I loved her before selfies!"* STOCK PHOTO

Natasha says, “I loved her before selfies!”* STOCK PHOTO

Written by Natasha

I don’t know how often love is supposed to come back around. I don’t know how many chances you get to get it right with the right one. I don’t know how many times you get to press reset, go back in time and start over again. But when love finds you, however many times it finds you, let it capture you.

I never thought in a 1,000 years. I’d be here. Where am I, you ask? I’m in the time and place and space of so many memories. Memories I thought were gone, lost and forgotten forever. Memories that I buried so deep inside myself that I never thought I’d see the faces of them again. I’m in the place in life where I never thought I’d get that second chance. That reset button. That option to go back into time.

Let’s rewind …

About 15 years ago, I fell in love. I fell in love hard. Young and naïve; I was only 16 years old and experiencing life and what it all means. And there she was. In the midst of an internal, ongoing battle that oftentimes was expressed negatively on the outside in the form of low self-esteem, depression and anxiety. There was this other form. This other body. This other person. She came into my life and shook me up like a beautiful disaster.

Who she really was, who she became to me and what she meant to me, unfolded over the course of nine months. You can bear a child in that amount of time. She gave me life. Made me feel as if I could do anything, could be anyone and I could go anyplace with her. Of course like any great love story, like any beautiful disaster, there was something that overshadowed us. The darkest cloud. We were girls. She was a girl and I was a girl.

In a perfect world it would not have mattered, right? But we didn’t live in a perfect world. We lived in a world where I came from a strong Christian background. We lived in a world where you don’t date the same-sex especially at 16 years old. And, I’m not referring to nowadays where “It’s cool to be gay” at like 12. I lived in a time and space where I was the ONLY 16 year old I knew going through what I was going through. And I battled right along side her until the day our relationship had to end.

Everyone has their views when it comes to sexuality and what’s supposed to be or not be. I have made many attempts to “de-gay” myself. Whether that was believing what I had with her was just a phase. Or attempting to give it to “God.” Or completely repressing anything remotely relating to her for the past 12 years. But when you feel something as strongly as I did, you just can’t act like it never existed. As a matter of fact, I can’t name anything you can brush off as if it never existed. Not anything of real value anyway. But boy oh boy have I tried! However, that part of me always came to the surface every time I drank anything alcoholic. Every girl in the room was subject to getting hit on by me, regardless of my status.

I have learned over the course of the years that as much as I tried to rid myself of these feelings, purged myself, repress it, throw it away, act as if it wasn’t real—I just can’t do that with love. I have to allow it to run its course.

How many of us queers get a second chance at our first love?

Marla Gibbs played a lesbian on the TV show, Scandal who waited 40 years to be with her first love, another woman.

Why on Earth am I blogging about this? Why am I putting my soul out there for everyone with a criticizing heart to see? Because, I can no longer hide. And I have a great story to tell. And how many others are there out there with forbidden love stories? Whether its same-gender oriented or not. How many people live with stories that could truly help someone else and they take it to their graves? There’s so much going on in the world today that it makes it extremely difficult to be who you really are anymore. Everyone is shaming everyone—man, woman, straight, gay, black, white. Everyone is criticizing everyone, which makes it difficult for a voice such as mine to be heard.

I have loved this woman since I was 16 years old. And now I’m 30. I finally got in contact with her. The love I have for her is a story that has been resting in me for sooo long. I could not hold it inside anymore. I had to tell her.

It wasn’t “just a phase.” I wasn’t just “imbalanced and confused.” I wasn’t “sick and love challenged.” Regardless of the views of this world, I have to finally let this something be known. This something that has been apart of my life since before “selfies.” I loved her then and I still love her now.

Where our story goes from here, I know not. But I’ve waited and she has waited for our opportunity to love each other. I don’t want to pass it up. Because I don’t know how many reset buttons I get. I don’t know how many do-overs I get. All I know is right now.

People will always be critical. They will always say what they have to say. But I can no longer allow that to stop my life and love. Maybe I’ll be criticized for who I am, but that’s okay. Because I finally love myself enough to face my fears, it feels like I’ve waited a 1,000 years for this. And for her I’d wait 1,000 more…

This article was originally posted on 1000StarsandMoons and was reposted here with permission.

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    Author TJ Rose

    Love this! Sounds like a great book, so when are you going to write it? 😉

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    I love reading about love like this. It makes me feel good to know there is real love. Maybe one day I will have this kind of love. I love blacklesbianlovelab, peace and balance to you.

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    Natasha B


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    Withlove, Tania

    This is beautiful.

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    Love comes around again…because it never leaves. It reconciles us when we least expect it. Hang loose, for those who want to know passion. Let Life live you while it comes back around.

    Exquisite piece. I’m elated for you two!

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    I love this story. It’s so inspiring. Reading these stories has helped me understand the depths love can go. Beautiful story hope mine would inspire another the way yours inspired me.

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