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Kiera & Bianca: Graduating From The Closet With My College Sweetheart

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Kiera and Bianca have each other’s backs no matter what.

Kiera and Bianca are a mid-twenties couple who met and fell in love with college. The couple, who live in Florida, have been together for four years. Kiera says Bianca hooked her with her incredible smile. Kiera shares more of their love story below:

How We Met

I had just joined my sorority, Gamma Sigma Sigma and I was in the student union trying to recruit others to join when the woman who would become my girlfriend saw me. Bianca was too nervous to say anything!

When you join a sorority, a lot of other Greeks connect with you on social media. So, when she requested to follow me on Twitter, I thought nothing of it. She sent me a direct message the following day, and I just so happen to be walking through the student union with my sorority sister. She introduced us and we became really good friends!


Our First Date

Our first date wasn’t a date according to me. LOL. I was still “in the closet,” so the entire night I kept saying “You know this isn’t a date right!?” I think I was really trying to convince myself.

It was Bianca’s birthday and I took her to dinner at her favorite restaurant. She would say “this is definitely a date” and I couldn’t help but smile!

A month later, we had our first official date at a local cupcake shop and Bianca asked me, “So are we on date now!?” I replied “I guess you can say this is a date.” Her smile became contagious!

I Knew She Was Special When

Where do I even begin? When my parents found out that I was a lesbian AND we were in a relationship they completely shut me out. My world came crashing down. I became super depressed. On top of that, my internship was becoming extremely challenging so I was just really done with the world.

I was broken emotionally and financially. I really thought that Bianca would leave but she didn’t. She stayed with me through it all. At that moment, I knew she would always have my back no matter what.


What We Love About Each Other

Kiera: My love for Bianca has grown tremendously over the years. I love her determination and her willingness to help others succeed in growing their small businesses.

Bianca: Kiera is the most caring person in the world. I love the way she thinks and connects with the world. Her journey to become her true self is really powerful and I love this beautiful butterfly.


How We Got Past…

Kiera: During my depression, I wasn’t the nicest or easiest person to be around. I was so hurt, angry and broken, and I took it out on her. Looking back, I can’t believe we made it through. Bianca was really patient with me. She had been there before with her dad, so she understood. Regardless of what I said or did to her, she always tried to make me smile. Laughter became a part of our daily lives and the cure to my depression.

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