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Lesbian Lullaby

Written by L’Monique King


My clit tingles when

I recall how you touched it

on that rainy night


Puddles start to form

As pretty red panties beg

to be taken off

My mind can’t think of

anything but you and I doing nasty things

Your breasts in my mouth

our gyrating bodies

growing limp with lust


Lover, please don’t wait

any longer to feed my

hunger for your touch

L’Monique King is a native New Yorker who resides in Charlotte, North Carolina with her partner of over more than two decades.  She earned her bachelor’s degree in English, minoring in Black studies from the University of North Carolina Charlotte where she is a graduate studies student of Gender, Sexuality & Women’s Studies. Prior to pursuing higher education, L’Monique facilitated writing workshops in New York State prisons and had a regular byline in a community newspaper based in Queens New York.  She’s currently employed by a Centers for Disease Control-funded nonprofit health and education organization that works closely with the LGBT community of color providing free HIV and HEP-C testing, awareness and resources .

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