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Because They Live in Georgia, She Had to Plan Two Weddings

LizDiazYabuku30Like most women, Liz Diaz Yabuku was ecstatic when her fianceé, Afiya Yabuku, proposed to her. But unlike most women in this country, she did not have to drive to another state to be legally married. She immediately started planning her wedding but ended up planning two–not because she wanted to. As a resident of Georgia, which does not recognize same-sex marriage, she was horrified to discover that while you can get married at 16 in Georgia, you can’t marry someone of the same-gender. She shared her story in Curve magazine under an article titled “This is the Face of Marriage Inequality.” 

She wrote: “Wedding planning soon began. Two separate ceremonies I would have to arrange; one to share with friends and loved ones and, the “legal” one; somewhere far from home. Planning a wedding ceremony usually means fun stuff like browsing through bridal magazines and enjoying the occasional cake tasting. Mine was more like preparing a research paper. Instead of magazines I poured over endless tedious resources studying the laws of each state. Four state lines we had to cross to get to the nearest one that would allow (there goes that word again) two crazy girls in love to marry. 

Click here to read the rest of the story and see more photos on Curve‘s site.

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