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Makeisha and Brigette: Why We Eloped

Written by Makeisha Copeland-Johnson

Brigette lifts her new wife in her arms.

Brigette lifts her new wife in her arms.

We actually met online (through Plenty of Fish), and we’ve been together just shy of two years. (That’s not long I know but when something is right, time doesn’t have a say in the matter). Our personalities really complement each other’s. Brigette’s more carefree and relaxed, where I’m more particular and organized. We got married one month after she asked me.

We decided to take a train to Chicago (about 4 hours from where we live in Michigan), and eloped not only because it’s such a beautiful city, but also because same-sex marriage is legal there. Getting that piece of paper that most hetero couples take for granted was so important to me. We got married Saturday, May 17, 2014. We chose that day because we didn’t want to wait any longer to start our lives together.

We live in Michigan (with my 4-year-old son, Tye, who we raise together) but got married at city hall in Chicago just the two of us. Even though we decided to elope, we wanted to keep some traditions intact. I wore a white dress (not a typical wedding dress but white nonetheless). We also got wedding rings to exchange at the ceremony. Since no one but our mothers even knew we were engaged, we hired a local photographer to capture us on the most important day in our relationship. (We did send out announcements to all of our family and friends).

We wanted a simple ceremony just the two of us so our focus would be 100 percent on one another. Although we didn’t write our own vows, every word the judge had us repeat I meant with my whole heart. It was so surreal knowing that after saying those few simple words, we would no longer be two individuals but now one team. It was absolutely perfect! We didn’t have a reception afterward, so we hopped on a plane and went to Las Vegas to continue celebrating!

Click on the gallery below to scroll through photos of our wedding day!

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