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About Our Love

Marshawn & Dominique: Our Love Completes Our Family

Written by Marshawn Brooks McCrary

I met my wife, Dominique, five years ago at a motorcycle club. One our friends introduced us. The next night she approached and said, “You should call me.” We started out as just friends.  That friendship turned into a beautiful relationship.

I was attracted to her eyes and her smile. Her eyes because they truly are the windows to her soul–they tell a story. And her smile can light up a room and make me feel like everything will be okay, no matter the situation.

Our First Date

Marshawn and Dominique selfie

Marshawn (left) loves Dominique’s beautiful smile.

I asked her out for drinks and we went to a local bar. I ordered her a couple of drinks and we had some engaging conversation then went our separate ways.

I Knew I Loved Her When …

She always had my back no matter what. One day, I don’t remember the exact day, I looked at her and I said, “I love this girl.”

I love that we are total opposites. She is the yin to my yang. When I’m weak, she is strong. She knows how to make me feel better without even trying. I also love her drive! She is in school, works full-time and still takes care of home.

Why We Got Married

I truly believe that you should only commit when you are ready and when you find the one who makes you want to build a family. I have that with Dominique. It was important to me to marry her because she is most definitely wife material. I love her and wanted to make our family complete.

Our Wedding Day

Dominique & Marshawn cut the cake on their wedding day.

Dominique & Marshawn cut the cake on their wedding day.

We got married August 19, 2017, at the Scott’s Memorial Fountain here in Detroit.  The weather forecast called for rain but, there was not a cloud in sight! The weather was perfect for an outdoor ceremony.

Marshawn and Dominique's wedding party.

Marshawn and Dominique’s wedding party.

We did have a major setback that was beyond our control that caused us to be two hours late to the wedding! We moved passed it and when my wife walked down the aisle looking so beautiful, all the bad disappeared.

The best part of our wedding day? I can’t choose between our reception, which was beautifully decorated to fit a royal theme and watching my wife walk down the aisle! I was in awe of everything.

Marshawn and Dominique wedding reception

Marshawn & Dominique look amazing in their reception attire.

Those First Few Weeks Were Pure Hell

I was born with congenital glaucoma, which means I am blind in one eye. I had to have surgery exactly one month after we got married. This surgery left me completely blind for about six weeks.

I was unable to work, bathe, go to the restroom or fix food for myself. I had to rely on my wife for everything.

She is already working full-time and she has school in the evening. When she comes home she had to take care of me as well as find someone to help me during the day. I felt like a burden and she was overwhelmed.

As the weeks went on, it got easier, but those first few weeks were pure hell. It was really hard in our relationship. We got through it through compromise! I had to learn that she couldn’t jump every time I wanted something.

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