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My Grown Woman Christmas List

Black lesbian couple with son.

A truly happy holiday comes from being part of a loving family. Models: Chante Clay, her partner, Keta Smith and their son enjoy the holidays.

Written by Skye Jones

Christmas is coming up and most lesbians are stressed about what they should buy for their partners, wives or girlfriends. I’m not worried about gifts and neither is my wife. People often don’t believe that in the years that I’ve known my wife I’ve NOT once looked for her to buy me anything. Not on birthdays, Christmas or Valentine’s Day. Never.

Anytime she asks what I want, I honestly respond, “Nothing.” Why? Because the things that are most important to me, she busts her ass on two jobs to get done. Our bills are paid, and they are paid before time, not on time.


Her Priceless Gifts

All I want is stability, honesty and faithfulness. My wife has helped me believe in true love again. No argument, no amount of money or lack of money could ever change that belief.

It feels so good to wake up and not wonder who texted her, where she is going and where she was. I wanted peace, and I have it. It’s one of the biggest gifts anyone could give, and the one we both treasure and protect the most.


So if her money is low and there’s not a gift on Christmas or Valentine’s Day, I really would not care. As long as she’s by my side and our bills are paid, my attitude doesn’t change.

Ask my wife and she’ll tell you that it’s the same thing for her. For her the best gift she has ever gotten from me is “the gift of knowing someone can love me for me. If I’m broke, between jobs, feeling down, I know that she loves me despite it all, unconditionally!”


She Wants to Give Me the World

My wife does a lot of sweet things that I appreciate. But her reason is because I don’t demand it or want it, so it makes her want to give me the world.

Ladies, we get so caught up in “you don’t do,” that we neglect to see what is being done. If you think small, that’s all you will have. Purse, shoes and a night on the town? That’s cute. But, if you work with her, life gets bigger, better and above average. Those are grown woman goals and grown woman gifts.

Alisha and Skye shared their love story with us in an article titled A Beautiful Mind and Her Good Luck Charm.

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    That’s what true love is all about. Excellent article.

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    Wion (@HumbleCBear)

    Exactly how I feel as long as our bills are paid… All I need is you baby but I’m single so I gots to find gifts..?

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    Wion (@HumbleCBear)

    Exactly as long as our bills are paid I’m good… Someday I’ll have love like this until then I’m going singles Christmas shopping lol… Great article

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    I love a good love story

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