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My Love to You

Written by Erica Austin

I promise you an endless love that will never change.

My love to you will always exist to comfort you through the hard times.

I promise you an endless love that will support you.

All through the long way.

My love to you is like the sun that will brighten all your life

And warm you through the cold nights

My arms will always be open to hold you very tight


My Love to you is not like the wind that blows and soon goes away

My love to you is like the air that surrounds you from everywhere

My love is like a candle in your hand to light your life

When you are afraid of the darkness

And blow it off when you are safe

This candle will always light your way until it melts away.


Remember that there is a heart that will beat for you forever

Only you..

No one else

I promise you

Love that will never die

Even if my soul leaves this world

My love to you will stay going on to guide you through the years

To help you and give you hope

To give you all I can ever give


And remember that I’m here for you

Whenever you need me

I promise you Love with no limits that [will never end]


I’ll love you till the end of time

But please don’t pity me

Or even think that I’m suffering

No baby

I love you

I’m happy to love this pure love

And I’ll never give you up


I’m proud of my love to you

And I’ll protect it till I lie in my grave

Cause my love to you is so divine

My love to you

Don’t know how to hate

Don’t know how to hurt


My love to you don’t know how to betray

Or how to pretend


My love only knows FORGIVENESS

My love to you

is tenderness, understanding and giving

Without expecting to take it back

My love to you holds the truth and reality


My love to you makes me smile though I feel the pain inside

My love to you never makes me feel weak

But it makes me feel strong

Whenever I look into your eyes

My love to you

Makes me accept my life to be in your hands

And love you as you are

With your bad points before the good ones


My love to you Is not affected with what people say

My love to you will never change with their blames

My love to you

Never makes me think of all the lovers around me

My love to you makes me feel the real love that doesn’t exist in our world!

My love to you makes me feel distinguished from others

And never feel ashamed

I’m proud of you

I’m proud of me

I’m proud of my love to you

Featured image courtesy of Black Naturals.

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Article written by:

Zamara Perri

Zamara Perri is the founder and editor of the Black Lesbian Love Lab blog. She loves black love and loves mangoes, cats, reading, cooking and writing about some of the challenges and joys of black lesbian relationships.

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    Time protects not only me but you
    Life brings about change if its me and you
    Nights pass once we sleep close unless you slip.
    Notice that im not going anywere i guess i care that much
    Dont get it messed up if i curse maybe its you
    Nine times out of ten ill die for you.

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