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How This Professor Found Love on Craigslist

Myeshia and Beth met online and fell in love soon thereafter.

Myeshia and Beth met online and fell in love soon thereafter.

Myeshia is a college professor with a doctoral degree who lives with her fiancée, Beth, an afterschool program director, in New York City. I first found Myeshia on Twitter, read her blog and started following her insightful tweets. One particular tweet, which included a picture of her and Beth, made me smile, “I can’t wait to marry this lady!! She is the 808 in my beats.” After that tweet, I just had to talk to this madly-in-love couple. Below Myeshia and Beth share how they met in Wisconsin, fell in love, got engaged and deal with those who question their love:

Black Lesbian Love Lab (BL3): How did you and Beth meet?

Myeshia: I met her on December 17, 2011. We initially met on no other than Craigslist. I posted saying that I was bored and just wanted somebody to hang out with, not necessarily date. She replied saying she just wanted to be friends. By the end of that night, she said something along the lines of not being able to be my friend. We met at a local gay bar well before drinking hours, so we were the only two people in there. She said things like, “Hey, why are you talking to the TV” to call me out on my shyness, which I adored. That night, we laughed together and I immediately wanted to cuddle with her. We went on two dates and then I promptly went to San Diego for two weeks.

Beth: I was just getting out of a complicated, unofficial relationship and didn’t want to accidentally mess with Myeshia’s emotions or get myself into more drama. Well, a few minutes into meeting, I knew we were not going to be just friends. She was so cute, besides the fact that she is physically gorgeous, she was shy about eye contact and mumbled a lot (which I called her out on point-blank, numerous times during that first meeting).

BL3: What attracted you to each other? What happened next?

Myeshia: It was an old-fashioned courtship; we spoke on the phone and got to know one another without anything physical clouding it. We ended up saying, “I love you” before I even returned to Wisconsin (yes, before sex)! I just felt it. We both felt it—our rapport, our similarities, our common interests, everything. We were trying to hold off on saying it, but it didn’t last. On the day I returned, January 5, we became an official couple. Before I met her, I never believed there was such a thing as soul mates or “knowing when you know,” but I am now a firm believer of both of those things.

Beth: She was smart and interesting and hilarious! Humor is one of the absolutely most important factors of compatibility for me, so that was huge. I knew I was in love with her very early on. A few days after we met, she went back to California for the holidays so we could only text and talk on the phone for the next two weeks. It was probably like three or four days into talking to her on the phone every free minute I had that I knew I was in love with her. We just clicked so well and I didn’t want to do anything but talk/text with her. It was so difficult to have this budding relationship happening and not even be able to touch her. Obviously, it was worth every minute of the wait.

BL3: Do you guys live together now? If so, when did you decide to do that?

Beth: We do live together. As soon as she came back from her holiday trip to California right after we met, I started sleeping over at her place. It ended up that from that day, we didn’t sleep apart for over a year. We moved my cat into her place within a month of becoming an official couple, and I moved all my stuff in two months later. It happened so fast, but we could tell right away that it was one of those “When you know, you know” situations. A year and a half later, I moved from where I had lived my whole 29 years in Madison, Wis., to Brooklyn, New York, with her so she could begin her career as a professor.

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