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MyLin and Lindsay at their house warming

MyLin & Lindsay Celebrate Their New Home

Written by Lindsay Stokes Kennedy

When MyLin and I decided to move to Los Angeles, it weighed on me a bit. I knew that I would follow her off a cliff so the decision to go was simple, but a part of me enjoyed where I was in life.

I was working a stable job, designing and decorating on the side and I sang on Thursdays at a spot in Midtown. So when she said she was leaving, a part of me already missed Sacramento and considered it home. That mentality followed me to [Southern California] and within half a year, I was weak.

I hated the work I was doing

I hated the work I was doing, the people that surrounded me everyday and the new routine. I was watching it change me into something different than I am.

I told my wife I was ready to do what I love full time and, without a bat of her lash, she supported me. I applied and applied until I was hired by an interior design firm that wanted to train me and paid more than I was making.

My pride beamed high, and then it turned out to be the worst job I ever had (and I’ve had a lot of jobs). Within two weeks I had quit, and just like that I went from a partner to a burden.


I had carried my family since my wife and I got married, and suddenly I couldn’t pay the rent.


I hustled. I designed sets for commercials and short films, organized people’s houses and offices, and sold refurbished furniture and decor at flea markets, but we still had to move my family out of our apartment and into a room in Compton.


I wanted so badly to be defeated but my wife held me up.

I ache with memories of her strength and I am filled. Within the year, I have found root. I became the lead designer for a beautiful firm and now I’m willing new blessings every moment.

MyLin supported me through every trip and turn. She points out the amethyst- and magenta-hued sunsets in our new home.

I am a believer of perseverance and commitment.

MyLin (right) stands in their decorated living room with friends and family.

MyLin (right) stands in her newly decorated living room with friends and family.

With bright eyes, she reminds me that this entire journey must end well. My comeback helped to set us up … to share this blessing with the people we love.

So we had an intimate gathering of our closest family and friends over to witness our growth and take part in what we’ve worked so hard on and for– an 850 square-foot 2 bedroom, 1 bath apartment in the small city of Stanton. We poured our hearts into an aesthetic I like to call MidMod Afro Chic.


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I was foolish to think that anywhere could’ve been home without her.


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Lindsay (27) and MyLin (29) are the wife-and-wife design duo that make up the StokesKennedy art and design brand. They are based in California. Follow them on IG @ StokesKennedy

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