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Poem: Let Me Reintroduce Myself

Written by Alex Nicole

I want to reintroduce myself to your neck and breasts as you try and focus on removing my clothes.
As my tongue traces your skin, my hands will find your hair.
Pulling ever so rough.
When you’re finally undressed… I’ll make sure your pussy is throbbing.
As I run my fingers along your inner thigh…

My kisses will make their way down.
Your taste so sweet and thick…
Fast then slow… in then out,
And as soon as i feel your body fighting … I will pull away.
Then I’ll start again.
Caressing your pussy with my tongue…

That’s how I’ll apologize…
Your moans and cries getting louder
As I go faster and faster in,
I swirl my tongue around inside you
Your hands all over me
and my hands all over you.
I LET you cum… body convulsing… arched and all
I push my tongue in deeper…
and you loudly screams for more

Then I tie you down with some restraints,
So tight and yet so smooth,
I push my tongue into your clit,
I just love the way you move
Just when you think you’ve had enough,

I’ll go longer
Because I am not done.

I’ll untie you and we will do it again, and again, and again.
Because in that moment we will never want it to end.

Alex Nicole wrote this poem for her fiancée during the long distance part of their relationship. 

Featured image: Models Natalie (IG @natdabosswisdom) and Erica (IG @official_EricaAustin).

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