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Angelle and Renee in formal attire
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Renée and Angelle: Taking a Chance at Love After 50

Written by Renée Best


Renee, 58, and Angelle, 56, of North Bergen, N.J., are proof that you CAN find love after 50! The pair met at her sister’s wedding rehearsal dinner (a same-sex wedding) at a restaurant in Washington, D.C. (Renée was in Angelle’s sister’s wedding party.)

Renée was immediately attracted to Angelle’s eyes and her spirit.


Check out Renee’s take on how it all went down:

Our First Date

Renee and Angelle leg up date night


She stalked me that night of the wedding, but for our first date, we had drinks at the Mandarin Oriental hotel the next evening. (Officially our anniversary is October 14, 2016). We talked all night long!


I Knew She was Special When …

Renee and Angelle kiss

When I told her, we can’t get together because of joint family and friends who would be pissed at us, and she cried.


What We Love About Each Other…

Renee and Angelle black and white pic

Renée loves Angelle’s love of her kids and grandkids and her huge heart. Angelle loves Renée butch badness and her extremely big heart.


How We Got Past …

Renee and Angelle selfie

The drama about us getting together by people who knew us both. They said I broke the friendship code by dating Angelle. We got past it by ignoring them and determining they didn’t have our best interests at heart.

Also when we met, she lived in Los Angeles, and I lived in New Jersey. She had never lived any other place away from family,  kids, and grands.

We solved that challenge though. Angelle gave up everything familiar and moved East in the dead of winter to take a chance on love!

The lovebirds will be married this coming October.

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