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Carly & Corri shares best tips for sending nudes.

WATCH: The Right and Wrong Ways to Send Nudes to Your Crush

via https://youtu.be/_iuKNbhJ4vU Before you think about sending nudes to a crush, you should know that she is not entitled to see the digitized version of your hawt bawdy anymore than she has a right to see you IRL.
Getting nudes from an admirer is a privilege NOT a right!

Carly Jonelle
There is also a right and a wrong way to go about sending your special private bits through the interwebs.
Carly Jonelle & Corri House, our Washington, D.C.-based black lesbian besties and hosts of the Professionally Petty show on our Facebook page, have some tips.

Tip number one: be prepared for your nudes to be shared!

If it’s been a minute or if you’ve never sent or received a nude, then you should definitely watch the video.
Plus, studs you’re not off the hook! Did y’all know strap pics are a thing? Comment below! How do you feel about getting or sending nudes?
Check out the Professionally Petty show live on Tuesdays at 8 p.m.EST on www.facebook.com/blacklezlovelab.

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