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Never in a Million Years Did Sable & Shakeema Think They Would Be More Than Friends

Shakeema and Sable cuddle with a teddy bear.

Shakeema and Sable cuddle with a teddy bear.

Written by Sable Hutcherson   I met my wife, a stud, on a social network three years ago. We hit it off right off the bat. When we first met, I was still engaged to another female so we agreed to be just friends. We never thought in a million years that we would be together, far-less married.   We were friends for about six months. We had so much in common and were always finishing each other’s sentences! When we finally decided to go on a first date, it wasn’t typical. We were both living in different states. I was in Texas and she was in New York. We decided that she would come visit me in Texas for Thanksgiving. Having Thanksgiving dinner together was our first real date and we plan to have many more Thanksgiving dinners together. What we love most about each other the most is the level of communication and understanding that we have for one another. It’s like we are two halves made whole. Our chemistry is remarkable.   Everyone who meets us tells us that we are one couple who truly deserves each other. Once she proposed to me, my mind went into overdrive. I immediately started planning. We set the date for the summer of August 2015. One day while packing for my trip to visit her in New York for her birthday, I decided to ask her if she wanted to get married earlier. When I got there and asked her, she said, yes. I was stunned. When I got to New York, we went to the courthouse and married on July 24, 2014. Our wedding took place three days after her birthday.     Our Wedding

Sable and Shakeema got married at a courthouse in New York City.

Sable and Shakeema got married at a courthouse in New York City.

Our wedding day was filled with last minute shopping and appointments. We weren’t doing it the traditional way, so it wasn’t as hectic as we thought it would be. What made it special for us was having our nine-year-old daughter there. She was so overcome with joy at having two mommies. I got rid of the white dress and white veil tradition. I decided to wear a low-cut blue dress from David’s Bridal. I don’t think we did anything traditional, Lol. Everything was so quick, we didn’t want to deal with criticism or any negative vibes from anyone so we just did it and we did it our own special way. We didn’t really have a chance to say our own vows but we promised that when we re-newed our vows later on down the road that we would make sure we wrote from the heart. After we got married, I returned back to Texas heartbroken of course. Shakeema cried so much to me over the phone after I left. We were so torn about who was going to move. I had my own apartment and a great job in Texas, while she owns her own business in New York. We both agreed eventually that I would move to New York. It was the best decision I ever made in my life. We decided to get a house together in Jersey City, N.J., where we currently reside.   She was concerned about me getting a job and finishing school but I managed to start working. I am now in my second year in college, our business is booming and we couldn’t be happier.

Shakeema and Sable turned a long-distance friendship into the ultimate longterm commitment--marriage.

Shakeema and Sable turned a long-distance friendship into the ultimate longterm commitment–marriage.

We’ve both never felt love for another person so strongly. I know we are perfect for each other and there is no doubt in my mind that we will spend eternity together. Never in a million years did we ever think we would be more than friends, now we are the Hutchersons.

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