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drawing by Iam.Muse nude black women embracing

Scent of a Woman

My favorite pieces of you exist in little fluttery flashes. I mentally prepare to relish the feel of the salt of your skin on my tongue. I am forced to savor the time in between, imagining the sweet softness of your lips as they touch mine with my hand gently at the back of your neck. I crave you, and the air is heavy with the tension of unquenchable desire. The angles of your face are drawn as if in relief as I watch wanton lust crest and crash through your body as it shivers with each oncoming wave.

The intoxicating smell of your sour and your sweet. What else is there to live for if not the scent of a woman?

The way your hands fit into mine as your back arches releasing orgasmic tension, while the taste of you is still wet and hard on my tongue. I imagine the way your feet intertwine with mine in morning sheets as the light of a new day stirs Desire from her short slumber. I run my hand over your form and between your thighs to taste your morning after.
Opening you as my hands slide under your ass and up your back to pull you closer so I can taste the depths of your soul and dive deeper within your skin making it my own.

I aim to possess you…and be possessed by you… It is the brief silence between each passionate breath you take that I relish as I watch your breasts rise and fall to the symphony we are co-creating. I want you from behind and slide my fingers inside of you as I ask, “Do you want more?” The energy has shifted.
black woman holding a open rose behind her back resting on her almost bare butt
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You stand in silence as you have me crawl to you and tell me to suck your pussy until your cum runs down my chin and neck.

Being that I am yours, I happily oblige and consume all of you greedily until we are both sated. Once again we fall into each other’s arms. Our bodies are tired, but our souls remain consumed by avidity. My cafe au lait skin juxtaposed with the honey hue of your own. Where do I become you? When did you become me? There are no answers. My quintessence is captured in the rocking of your hips as you climb on top of me coaxing forth carnality that never seems to sleep. I want you enraptured by the heat of my passion—my desire and your lust collide like the atoms that formed the Universe long ago. Can you feel the beauty of evolution embrace every inch that you naturally are? My mind attempts to drift into sleep with thoughts that keep an ache in between my thighs. Impossible. You are the woman that made me ask: “Did I just see my deepest desire manifested walk past? Succulent breasts piled high on supreme legs encased in 6 inches of pure decadence?!” Indeed, you are. My hands hold your calves firmly so the arch of your foot is perfectly served. My skin is softened perfection under the caress of your tongue’s undulations. Our acoustic corporeal bodies become a symphony of moans, pants, and fits of pleasure once again. My face reflects various stages of surrender as my hand searches somewhere between the subconscious and lust. I want to watch my reflection in your eyes.
My thighs quiver even as they widen to allow for more of you. I love it when you fuck me. I love it when I fuck you.
Featured artwork by black lesbian couple, Adrienne & Janeeka Muse. You can find their works at www.madammuse.com.

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Alexandria Carter

Alexandria Carter is part-time freelancer, global citizen, and, in her spare time often enjoys whisky on the rocks with a good book.

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    I will like to meet one of these women

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    April Williams

    The scent of a women is purely intoxicating!

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    Daaaammmnnnn…mmmmmm. This shoulda came with a warning ⚠️ Do not read in the presence of others! Did I really just moan out loud??? 🤣

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