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Slide Show: Famous Black Lesbians & The Women Who Love Them

I didn’t grow up seeing stories of women in love. The books, magazine articles and movies I saw, all included a man and a woman. Imagine my excitement when I started seeing more same-sex couples in the media, especially famous lesbians. While seeing famous women publicly honoring, loving and supporting their female partners, I had to admit, I was always especially excited to see a black lesbian among them—someone like me!

Below is a gallery of famous black women and the women who love them! If I’m missing a couple, please let me know and I’ll happily add them. Click any picture to scroll through the gallery.

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Zamara Perri

Zamara Perri is the founder and editor of the Black Lesbian Love Lab blog. She loves black love and loves mangoes, cats, reading, cooking and writing about some of the challenges and joys of black lesbian relationships.

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    You forgot Queen Oprah and Gayle. ..and me and Tony Braxton.

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