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Erica Roc, stud with short hair wearing leather posing on the ground

A Stud’s Short Love Letter to Masculine Women

Written by Kai Brown

My love for masculine women is more than just sexual attraction. To walk this earth against society’s expectations of what womanhood looks like is revolutionary and sexy as fuck.

I’m down for anything that goes against the grain or breaks “rules.” I love how masculine women take control of our space and in doing so, redefine what womanhood looks like.

Womanhood isn’t just femininity and softness, but strength and resilience against forces determined to shape it into their own image.

Masculine women defy expectations just by existing in our own truth. We embody the beauty and duality of masculine and feminine traits without denying either.

YES, we can do and be both!

My love for masculine women is deeply rooted in our continuing defiance to be seen as exactly what we are: human beings who are three-dimensional, multi-faceted and complex.

Women aren’t just dresses, high heels, and long, flowing hair. We are also buzz cuts, hairy, boxer shorts, Timbs and steely gazes. And for these reasons masculine women will always have my heart.

Kai Brown aka the  Stud Slayer is a stud for stud advocate and sex worker. Featured image: Model: Erica Roc (@rocsolo1); photography by @shotbyree

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