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Surouje-and-Aisha exchange a kiss with the Atlanta skyline in the background. Photography by: James Pennie Photography
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Surouje and Aisha: The Universe Brought us Together

Aisha and Surouje spoke baseball hats.

Written by  Surouje Harper

I met my future fiancée, Aisha, at Fourth of July celebration, in 2016. At that time she was residing in Chicago. She was to be here in Atlanta two weeks prior, but due to other circumstances, she had to postpone her trip. Thankfully she hadn’t visited because during that time I had been traveling in California.

The universe clearly had things in store for us. Because even on the day we met, I was supposed to have left before she arrived. But my plans got canceled and I ended up staying at the BBQ.


Neither of Us Knew What It Was

Aisha kisses Surouje on the cheek.

Aisha kisses Surouje on the cheek.

The moment we introduced ourselves, there was a connection. At the time, neither of us knew what it was, but it was definitely something special. She was in a situation when we met, but her heart was already feeling that wasn’t something she was supposed to stay in.

Aisha and Surouje take a selfie.

Aisha and Surouje take a selfie.

As our friendship grew, our hearts grew fonder. Learning that we feel the same way about what love should be and how it should be respected and honored, Aisha took the jump and moved to Atlanta. And we could not be happier.

It was clearly the biggest life-changing moment for her, me as well, but she moved her whole life. She had been intending to move to Atlanta long before we met, just not in the manner she did.

When we started dating, I knew that this is the woman I was looking my whole life for–the woman I would spend the rest of my life with.

The Proposal

Surouje-and-Aisha hold each other and share a kiss.

Surouje-and-Aisha hold each other and share a kiss. Photography by: James Pennie Photography

She’s hard to surprise because we are so open and always know where one another is. So to plan a proposal without her knowing, was a little bit more difficult than I had expected. I wanted to make sure we had a beautiful view and a photographer. (Check out the awesome video below!)

I told her we had a holiday party to go to and had to be there at a certain time. On our way to this “holiday party,” I asked that we stop at the Jackson Street Bridge (where I had the photographer set up and where I was proposing) and take selfies with the skyline in the background.

She had been upset with me from earlier in the day, but still trusted in going along with the plan. For moments like that, I am so grateful for her and her trust in me.


I Knew she Would Say Yes, But…

Surouje and Aisha's hands hold hands and show off the ring.

Surouje and Aisha’s hold hands and show off the ring. Photography by: James Pennie Photography

I had never proposed before but was absolutely sure she was going to say YES. So, I didn’t understand why I was so nervous.

I would always assume people’s nerves came from whether the person being asked would say yes or not. Clearly, I was mistaken.

I think a majority of my nerves came from making sure all went as planned. And it did! I am so grateful for her and so grateful to the universe for bringing us together!

This is why I regularly say:

“Dear Universe,

Thank you!!



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